8 Films We Actually Want a Sequel To

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This year sees a record number of sequels hitting the theater. With all of these sequels coming out, many people have wondered why certain films are getting them in the first place. Not all sequels are bad however, and in the spirit of thinking positive, we’ve come up with a list of movie sequels that we actually want to see, but aren’t currently on the horizon (or they're so far away it's hard to see).

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darklordzor3507d ago

I suppose eventually I will get to see the Cloverfield sequel, but Heaven knows the Fifth Element sequel is only a dream in my head for now.

GodsHand3507d ago

Gimmme the cash....

I thought Skyline was the sequel to Colverfield, LOL. Anyways I would love to see another Fifth element, but I don't know what they could do as I doubt they will use the same actors. I would love to see another Serenity, and they still have time for it with the same people from firefly and what not. Dark Crystal could use some love, but I doubt that will ever get made in my lifetime. As for the rest ... Jurrasic park were good movies, but how many times can you keep on making a dino flim. District 9 was a so-so movie, it did leave it open for s sequel, only thing is will we get one... I doubt that as well as it getting bad reviews and what not.

darklordzor3507d ago

Oh, I recall District 9 getting a lot of positive reviews from people, with many claiming it was a grand return of the sci-fi genre.

I thought it was an amazing film and well deserving of a sequel. Sure it wasn't a typical sci-fi alien flick, but that's part of why it worked.

darklordzor3507d ago

@ GodsHand

As far as Dark Crystal goes, they made some announcement in May 2010 that they were partnering with some other group to go into production with Jim Henson studios. But then we've heard nothing since then. They've had a few concept art released over the years, but I fear it might just stay in development hell.

Serenity would be awesome, but I think you'd still be able to get all the Fifth Element people back together. Bruce Willis has aged incredibly well and Mila Jovovich still looks like Mila Jovovich. I think they could still pull it off....they won't, but they could.

JL3507d ago

Hmm half of these I wouldn't even care about a sequel to really. Dark Crystal I enjoyed as a kid, but going back it just seems kinda stupid to me.

Evil Dead, never actually seen any of the movies in that franchise. Serenity, don't even care to see the first. The Fifth Element would be cool, though. I like that idea. Jurassic Park, I have to agree with GodsHand, that franchise probably just needs to die. There's only so many times you can do the same thing over again.

Cloverfield, Zombieland and District 9 all have sequels that are at least tentatively being talked about, so those at least aren't out of the question yet. Zombieland I'd absolutely love to see a sequel to. The other two I'm sure I'd enjoy, but I'm not too bothered if they don't get sequels.

Others not mentioned:
Kick-Ass: I think this one falls in the same book as Cloverfield/etc, in that it's possible and being talked about, but nothing official...?)

Boondock Saints: I want part 3

Constantine: I really enjoyed this movie and a sequel could be cool

Sky Captain: The style of this one was just awesome. I think it would lend well to a sequel and could have plenty other adventures to go on

Goonies? That's impossible now though.

Restaurant at the End of the Universe: The second book to Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Sin City
The Matrix
Shaun of the Dead 2?

-MD-3506d ago

Kick-Ass 2 has been talked about by mostly Mark Miller who wrote the comics. He's taking an awful long time to write the 2nd series in the comics though. I believe he's only on issue #2 many months after releasing #1.

I know Chloe Moretz is getting ready to film 'Hick' right now and none of the actors from Kick-Ass are even talking about a sequel. I don't really see it happening. I'd love it to though believe me.

darklordzor3506d ago

@ JL

Yeah, there are a bunch of ones I considered, but all were picked for various reasons....I have another article I'm working on also dealing with sequels that addresses a few of the ones you've mentioned, just in a different way.

I didn't put Kick-Ass 2 on here because, while I liked the first one, I felt by the end of it, my time in that world was done. I honestly never felt the need to revisit it and have only watched it a couple more times after that initial viewing.

Boondock Saints 3 would be pretty cool, but I have to say the second one just didn't live up to the first. It kept all the action and humor, but lost the depth and story. I would love to see a third one, but only if they can really make it work.

JL3506d ago

I agree that the second didn't meet the standard of the first. More than anything, the reason I want a third is because I want to see what happens next. Seriously, ever since I saw Dafoe turn around there at the end, I wanted more.