'Akira' Focuses On Short List Of Actors After Getting Steve Kloves Rewrite

Deadline says:

The script for the Warner Bros/Legendary Pictures live action adaptation of anime artist Katsuhiro Otomo’s 6-volume graphic novel Akira has been sent to a short list of actors. The picture is finally taking shape for an August start, following the delivery of a rewrite by Steve Kloves that has director Albert Hughes and the studio brass excited. The story takes place in the rebuilt New Manhattan where a leader of a biker gang saves his friend from a medical experiment.

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Crazay3507d ago

Akira was the very 1st Anime movie I ever watched and instantly I was a huge fan. To say I'm a huge fan would be an understatement - I know the characters dialogue line for line, I own the VHS release, the Graphic Novels, 2 different releases of the DVD, the BluRay release, Posters, Wall scrolls, the soundtrack and T-shirts.

To me, this feels like a raping. Americanizing the locale and the actors is a kick to the pills of Katsuhiro Otomo and the fans of the story. While the animated feature isn't totally true to the story(it really only touches on about 1/4 of the whole adventure) it does the series justice. The only way to tell this story in a live action venture is to use Japanese actors and do a scene for scene remake of the cartoon(which will still cause confusion for many who don't know the whole story) OR span it over multiple movies all filmed back to back and released as such.

Not to say anything against the actors that are on the short list but I'm not buying the potential casting decision. Further to that I'm not saying that I'll boycott the movie because let's be honest - nothing could keep me away from seeing it - and I want the movie to be awesome. I just can't see how it could feel like Akira taking this direction.

If they somehow (odds are against them IMHO) make a great movie or series, I'll eat my words.

darklordzor3507d ago

Suddenly, I'm not very interested in this movie. Honestly I have to say my interest wasn't that high to begin with. I love Akira, so why not leave the classic alone? It's fantastic as it is, and it's very unlikely that any adaptation will be able to live up to the same spirit that the anime had. Just let it be.

Crazay3507d ago (Edited 3507d ago )

It's not bad enough that they want to change NeoTokyo to NeoNewYork and americanize the cast, but a casting of Robert Pattison or Justin Timberlake as Kaneda - Well that just makes my stomach turn. Knowing that Mila Kunis is reportedly attached as well makes me wonder who she's going to play. My guess is Tetsuos girlfriend Kaori which I have no issue with. She has a sort of exotic look so it's conceivable that one of her parents could be Japanese in the movie.

darklordzor3506d ago

Hey, you know what's really bad, if they go all the way with making it an American tale, then all of the names will likely be changed as well. It just wouldn't make much sense to keep the very Japanese names in a US setting.

I like Justin Timberlake actually, I think he's a great actor and can do well in just about any role, but again, I'm just not sold on this adaptation at all.

Crazay3506d ago

I think he's a perfect apt actor for some roles but not this one. They likely would have to change the names to something American and that, for lack of better expression is total Bull$h!t. They might as well just call it something else but Akira will probably just be explained as a childhood friend of Ken and Theodore's(American for Kaneda and Tetsuo) who disappeared when they were very young.

BAH!!! That's just making me mad now.

darklordzor3506d ago


LOL, oh man, I can tell how worked up you're getting about this already and it's just cracking me up. Yet another reason why I think they should have just left this property alone...or stayed very true to it.

Crazay3506d ago

You think I;m getting all worked up right now? Just wait - If they continue to eff this up, the fit will surely hit the shan with me and I'll be just a little more than vocal about it. I will lose my brain over this and then punch someone in Hollywood.

darklordzor3506d ago

Nah, you know what you need to do? Video blog about it if it keeps going south. I'd love to see a rant by you that's not written in text!

Crazay3506d ago

I Have a face for radio my friend. Not TV. You won't want to hear the colorful things I can come up with when under duress. =P

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