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No Strings Attached Gets DVD and Blu-ray Release Date

Paramount Home Entertainment have announced that they will be releasing the romantic comedy No Strings Attached to DVD and Blu-ray on May 10, 2011. The movie will come in a Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack as well as have a standard DVD edition.

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-MD-3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

Yet another film I'll watch purely because of Natalie P even though it's a romcom (bleh). Kutcher I don't much care for ever since That 70's show ended.

Extremely low expectations for this one. Like "Killers" expectations.

Yeah that low.

darklordzor3500d ago

I don't think it'll be that bad, heck the reviews for it really weren't that bad.

JL3499d ago

It's not a horrible movie, but it's nothing special by any means. It was alright during watching it, but afterwards it's fairly forgettable.

darklordzor3499d ago

By no means can it be the worst rom-com around...I mean there are some bad ones out there.

JL3499d ago

Oh definitely there are worse. I've seen worse movies this year alone.

Soldierone3500d ago

I dont understand why movies like this are getting an R rating now. Studios used to avoid it like the plague, but this Due Date and Paul all got R ratings when their target audience is in the teens. It doesnt make sense. They would of made a lot more money with a PG 13 rating....but no one seems to care anymore.

JL3500d ago

This one didn't even remotely take advantage of the R rating either. It could've been better if it did, but feels very much like a PG-13 movie.

darklordzor3500d ago

And that's a real shame to. If you're going to have a comedy (especially about sex) then you might as well live up to your R rating.

-MD-3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

I personally wouldn't complain. I hate when comedies fall short of their potential because of a PG-13 rating holding it back.

It would make more sense financially for them to go PG-13 though. This screams teen.

Soldierone3500d ago

I have nothing against movies that go all out and be R rated funny. Like Tropic Thunder. However like JL said these movies hardly take advantage of it. The worse they do is say the F word a few times and get a little "sexy" here and there.

If its violent or something thats awesome! I hate movies that randomly have a sex scene for no apperant reason and movies that get rated R for saying the F word.

-MD-3500d ago

Well yeah if it's a couple F-bombs or an extra 2 second butt shot during a sex scene then yeah I couldn't give two shits about something like that. Pointless to block out a massive audience to keep an R rating but on the other hand I know some people (me included) that have skipped over certain movies in theaters because they were PG-13 when they should have been a hard R.

JL3500d ago

I can't say I've ever refused to see a movie simply based on its rating.

But yes, if you haven't seen No Strings Attached, it definitely does not take advantage of it's R rating. In fact, I can't even remember much from it that would constitute an R rating typically (well, other than the general premise of it being centered around sex). Then again, I don't remember much about it. Yea, it was that forgettable.

darklordzor3500d ago

I couldn't imagine not seeing a movie just based off of its rating. Sure some movies could do a good R rating, but just because they got something lower doesn't mean they aren't good. Nor does it mean an R rating would have made a better film. Just look at AvP. Not even an R rating would have made that movie any better.

It's all about the story, and how well they use the assets they have.

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darklordzor3500d ago

Natalie sole reason for watching a few movies. Seriously, she just makes everything better. I'll more than likely wait until it's on Netflix though. Even Portman isn't enough to justify actually buying the movie.