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This Week on Netflix Instant: March 21-27

In this weekly feature, I’ll highlight all the movies that Netflix will be adding to their Instant Play service over the course of the week. Nothing too incredibly impressive this week. This week’s releases include Whale Rider, Alien vs Ninja and God Grew Tired of Us. You can check out the full list through the link.

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Soldierone4862d ago

There updates seem to be getting worse and worse....I wish something would happen so they can update with newer content.

Im debating the switch to Blockbuster. They dont have streaming, but they have games. Netflix still has yet to even get on Android....

JL4862d ago

See, not having streaming is a huge turn-off for the Blockbuster service for me. That's a huge part of why I have Netflix. That's really where I get my money's worth there. Since I've had it, I average at least 20 movies a month on Netflix Instant. I still have over 200 movies in my Instant Queue.

I will admit, I wish they got better newer movies sooner on the Instant portion. Still they have a huge library from me to choose from now. And it's kinda fun finding movies I may never have even heard of but end up enjoying.

This week does suck though, but like I said I have a ton in my queue to watch.

Next week gets better (especially with April 1st), including things like Gone With the Wind, Gangs of New York, Mesrine Part 2, Hot Tube Time Machine, Demolition Man and many others. Including a bunch of TV shows.

Some more upcoming highlights include:
Toy Story 3 on April 4th
The Terminator that same week
Four Lions on April 7th

The first week of each month is when they seem to really dump the best stuff in the Instant section.

Soldierone4862d ago

Hot Tub Time Machine ive never seen and im interested in, and Gangs of New York is always awesome so thats kinda reviving it.

Like I said before Id love to see some type of "Netflix Choices" article from someone lol. So my interest in a movie sparks, when it normally wouldnt otherwise. Otherwise im just browsing and not finding anything to watch. Ive had it for nearly a year now so i watched all the stuff on the main area so i actually have to search but dunno what to search for.

darklordzor4862d ago

Really excited to see Toy Story 3 is going to be on there soon. That should be a whole lot of fun. Hot Tub Time Machine isn't bad, but not exactly something I'd watch very often.

JL4862d ago

"Netflix Choices"? What you mean?

I imagine after having it long enough, one would get sort of "caught up" on the back catalog they have. At least for the more mainstream titles. I have found plenty that I enjoyed through recommended sections though.

Soldierone4862d ago

Like "watch this today" kinda like the "if you like this, then watch this" thing we were getting here for a while.

My recomended list has had the same selection for like a month now. I watched all of them and even watched a few new movies, and it still recomends the same things. The odd thing is there are like 4 differnt people using it, so id assume thatd make it change more often?

JL4862d ago

The recommendations it gives me seem to change often enough. Especially when I go on the site and click on the "Watch Instantly" tab. It gives a bunch of suggestions by genre, this changes often.

On my PS3, there are also sections where it's like "More Like: Movie X" This changes real frequently as long as I continue to rate movies after I watch them.

Hmm maybe I can start up a feature like that sometime though.

darklordzor4862d ago

Is it bad that I never really pay attention to the Suggested movies? They change out often enough, but on the whole, I always no what I want to watch. If I'm in the mood for something different and new, most of the time I'll just scroll through all the selections until something really catches my eye.

JL4862d ago

I'd recommend paying attention to that suggested stuff once in a while. It's actually proven pretty useful for me on a few occasions. Like those times where I just want to try something different and new (as you put it), those suggestions have tended to point me in the right direction.

Either that or if I want something different, but something kinda similar to another movie, typing in the movie on the site should bring up a couple "similar titles" that are usually things I may not have heard of but can give a try.

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Christopher4862d ago

They had me at Alien vs Ninja. It's going to be a popcorn weekend with me as the riffer.

JL4862d ago

Yea, that one intrigues me too. I'm sure it will be crap, but it's just like "Ninjas? AND Aliens? Sure, count me in. I wanna see that train wreck" lol

darklordzor4862d ago

Every now and again a really bad movie can be fun to kick around with. Especially when they have titles that promise ridiculous concepts!

cjflora4861d ago

Yet a movie like Cowboys and Aliens makes it as a big budget flick.

darklordzor4861d ago

I'm not saying that Cowboys and Aliens will be any fact I'm not sold on it at all, but being that it's a comic book (and those are hot movies right now) probably helped quite a bit.

JL4861d ago

I just watched Alien vs Ninja. My god that was horrible.

Christopher4861d ago

You see, this is why Comedy Central or SyFy need to pick up the MST3K guys again. Even without the robots. There are so many riff-worthy movies out there. Heck, I'd love it to see each SyFy movie they make get followed immediately by the riffed version of the movie.

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darklordzor4862d ago

Demolition Man is coming up in April?! Hell yes! I'll watch it everyday if I can....No sarcasm here either, I really love that movie.

This week does kind of blow, but hey we get Godzilla vs. it's not all bad.

xstation794861d ago

How do you use those damn 3 sea shells?

darklordzor4861d ago

LOL, probably one of Schneider's best roles...sadly.


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Love the comics, need to watch this show.