Kiefer Sutherland Says '24' Movie is Releasing in 2012

For anyone who watched last year’s series finale of 24, any fan will say that it was a perfect setup for a movie. For years a movie has been rumored and confirmed by the cast, but there has never been any official announcements from 20th Century Fox, the studio that houses the project. Kiefer's latest visit to The View gives fans hope that it will happen soon.

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Soldierone3709d ago

I agree that its a "perfect setup" to a movie, however what will it add to the franchise? What was "perfect" has already been done in the show. They milked the idea for all its worth. So what would a movie add beyond bigger visuals and a better production?

Also this whole idea has already been done in movies time an time again.

blazsox3709d ago

It will be an interesting test to see how well this movie would fare on the big screen. The show averaged approx. 9-12 million viewers a week in its final season, how many of those viewers will go shell out $10-20 for the a 2 hour movie?

I think fans want to see Jack Bauer fall, perhaps the movie will show just that - he can't go on forever.

darklordzor3709d ago

I think he's just talking out of his ass here. The studios have said several times that nothing is in the works for a 24 movie, but Sutherland keeps saying it's going to happen. No one is out there supporting his claims. I think he really wants it to happen, but the likelihood of it is very low.

24's premise worked because it had all of the episodes throughout the season to actually make 24 hours. How would that kind of premise even really work in a movie? Unless they shortened it up and made it a real time 2 hour deal. But then it wouldn't technically be 24.

blazsox3708d ago

24: Redemption did a 2-hour premise and I thought it worked well. Unless of course they are planning twelve 2-hour that would be one big expense. ;)

darklordzor3708d ago

@ blazsox

That's very true and I was thinking about that as well. But maybe that's the best way for it to have been handled, in a TV movie format. It worked really well and I remember ratings were fairly high for it.

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