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Stephen King Heading to The Walking Dead?

IGN Says:

The IGN Theatre at C2E2 hosted a packed house for The Walking Dead panel today and fans learned that Stephen King is in talks to write a Season 2 episode. (Editor's Note: Eff yeah!)

Laurie Holden, who plays Andrea on the series, dropped the news at the panel. Which episode that might be is still up in the air.

Frank Darabont, the show's executive producer, has a long-standing relationship with King, having adapted King's Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile and The Mist for the big screen.

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darklordzor3698d ago

This could be really cool. I love everything Stephen King has written, so seeing him once again dabble in TV would be incredible. Especially on a zombie story. I'd love to see something from him in that genre.

Crazay3698d ago

Ya seeing something from him in the Zombie genre could be fun. I have a book called The Living Dead that's a compendium of zombie stories from some of Horrors greatest. Stephen King has an entry in there as well.

darklordzor3697d ago

Really? That's pretty awesome, I didn't know that was out there. I'll have to look that up now and try to check it out.

Crazay3698d ago

Also, I wasn't positive on where to post this since the article is actually talking about the Stephen King news but there were also videos attached so I figured this was the best way to get it posted.

JL3698d ago

This could be interesting indeed. I'd definitely be up for seeing him do at least one episode to see how it works out. Could be very nice.

Crazay3698d ago

Stephen King could be an asset to the series if only for 1 episode. He gets and understands zombies and people - Cell was a great book despite the weird ending. King seems to have a bit of a mean streak in him these days so I would have to say that every actor in the show should be wary of this. =)

darklordzor3697d ago

LOL, yeah I guess that is pretty true these days. King does understand the zombie genre well, which is why I wish he'd do more in it....yet another reason to be excited for this news.

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