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'Dancing With the Stars' Season 12 Begins Tonight

Season 12 of "Dancing With the Stars" kicks off Monday night on News10/ABC at 8 p.m. with 11 couples performing either the foxtrot or the cha cha.

News10 Good Morning interviewed two of the contestants, Chris Jericho and Mike Catherwood. Both dancing novices said the most intimidating part of the competition, besides learning to dance, was handling the critiques of their dance partners.

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darklordzor3699d ago interest. I never got into this show in the past and I have no intentions on starting now.

Soldierone3699d ago

I have no interest in this show at all. It should be called "Dancing with mostly Retired or B rated Stars" lol

Anyone notice the ads here and other places lmao? They try to make the girl look super sext and cut it just perfectly to make her seem semi naked.

newn4gguy3699d ago

Season 12?!?

Where have I been?

JL3699d ago

Umm probably the same place the rest of us have been: Not giving into horrible taste and staying far far away from crap like this.

Christopher3698d ago

I was doing some random IMDB'ing the other day and came upon one of the profiles of someone from the Survivor series. That show has had 20 seasons, it said. I was amazed.

I still don't get the fascination with Reality TV in general. The only one I've watched recently was Top Shot on Hulu. I think the only thing I actually like about Reality TV programs is that there's The Soup every Friday to remind me why I don't watch them.

JL3698d ago

I had a point there where I watched a few seasons of American Idol. But only the auditions round, just for the entertainment of watching Simon make people cry lol That's it though, I can't think of any other reality series I've ever really watched. I didn't even get into Road Rules or The Real World back in the heyday of that stuff.

Actually I take that back. I used to watch Fear Factor. Never regularly, but I've seen plenty episodes of it (till it just got redundant). Of course I almost consider that a game show of sorts more than a reality series.

Also, unless you want to count shows like Axe Men or Pawn Stars or even Cops or others like that. I've never gotten on a regular viewing habit of any of them, but I've definitely seen my fair share of episodes of those. Of course, those I think are a different sub-genre of reality tv and aren't exactly in the same realm as stuff like Dancing With The Stars or Big Brother or American Idol or Survivor, etc.

darklordzor3698d ago

I have ever watched Idol. I'm just not very big into music, so it never really appealed to me. My wife watches it on occasion, but I wouldn't say she's really "into " it.

newn4gguy3698d ago


They're doing multiple seasons per year! Duh! How did I not think about that?

darklordzor3698d ago

Oh yeah, they are doing 2 seasons a year...that's a very big part of it. I can't stand it either. It's just having to put up with that crap for even longer!

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darklordzor3698d ago

I never really got into Reality TV shows either. Most of my family has though. Seriously, if Big Brother is on, I can't even call my mother during that time period. She'll ignore all phone calls at that point. It's like my family's house goes dark when those shows are on.

Fortunately my wife doesn't really get into all of those shows either, though occasionally she'll get sucked into a dating show of some kind.

JL3698d ago

My parents are the same way. Big Brother, Survivor, The Biggest Loser, probably several others. They're not so bad that they won't answer if I call and they're watching one of them. But they definitely get into them. I've even had them come over for dinner or something and they end up being like "Well, time to go. Survivor starts in 15 minutes" lol

darklordzor3698d ago

Yep, I've had the same thing happen, where they will plan their schedule around those shows...Mostly they just got into Big Brother, and have left the others alone.

newn4gguy3698d ago

I like:

- Flavor of Love
- Real Chance at Love
- Jersey Shore (It's hilarious. Seriously. Those kids are just so ridiculous!)
- Made
- Scare Tactics
- Celebrity Apprentice
- Undercover Boss (You guys would all LOVE this show. Not kidding.)

JL3698d ago

Scare Tactics is another one that I used to watch. That's another, though, that I wouldn't classify as being the same type of reality show as things like Big Brother and such.

darklordzor3698d ago

I would say Scare Tactics is more along the lines of a prank show, like the old Candid Camera or even Jack Ass. Not exactly reality, but I get what you're saying.

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Bray62633696d ago

I love this show and im glad theres a season 12