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Hi-Def Ninja: Bambi Blu-ray Review

John writes: Everyone knows, has seen, or has heard of the timeless classic that is “Bambi”. Flash forward to today’s time and Bambi is still making waves and setting trends. With Disney’s release of Bambi to blu-ray comes an entire new presentation in regards to blu-ray. Hopefully, and I presume most certainly this is just a taste or the uniformity of what’s to come with future releases of Disney Classics. So what the hell am I talking about exactly? Well first of all, the addition of “Disney Hi-Def Sound” ; “Disney Enhanced Home Theater Mix” in the audio department. It’s the best of the best, and it’s welcome with open arms for us hi-def enthusiasts.

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darklordzor3502d ago

I love Disney (especially their older films) but I really think I'm going to pass on this blu-ray. Bambi was never a big one for me when I was younger, and I honestly don't know if I want to show it to my kid and have to explain where the hell Bambi's mom went! I'll wait until the Lion King comes out to have that discussion.