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Blinky Is Easily The Most Disturbing Short Film You'll See In a While

From TMP:

Ruairi Robinson, has released the full version of his new short film Blinky, in which a smiling and helpful robot goes just a little crazy. It's interesting, chilling, entirely unforgettable, and we've got the full film for you here.

So I watched Blinky earlier this morning, and I'm still thinking about it. If you don't recognize the name of the film, you probably aren't alone. A few months back we posted the teaser trailer for this short film on our YouTube page and I was incredibly interested. Something about this seemingly helpful robot, and it had a genuinely creepy feel to it.

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JL3506d ago

Nice. I've been following this a bit for a while there. I'm going to have to check this out later tonight.

darklordzor3505d ago

You know, I had been following it for a while too, but I guess I must have missed the part where it was a short film. Seriously I thought he was setting up for a feature and that's what I was expecting. Still, I really like it.

cody2oo3506d ago

It was awesome, very well made.
I felt bad for Blinky.....then i applauded for his actions. lol

Soldierone3506d ago

That was so well done! haha! I just dont like the ending of it.

The kid deserved it, maybe the parents, but why the cops? Unless i misheard what he said when he walked in.

darklordzor3503d ago

It's not so much that they deserved it, is why the Robot is killing people. He's doing everything that he was told to do. Remember in the scene in the rain when the kid is throwing a fit and telling Blinky to "kill my parents, kill me, kill everybody!" Blinky just says no problem.

Also the mom had made a comment about having Blinky chop him up and serve him for dinner. In the end, all Blinky's doing is exactly what he was ordered to do, but the idiots didn't realize that's what would happen.

So when he kills the cops it's not because they did anything, but because he's still following the kid's order to "kill everyone".

Soldierone3503d ago

Yeah I kinda saw that from a basic perspective, but I was thinking it was going deeper?

Like the kid shouts "KILL MY PARENTS, KILL ME, KILL EVERYBODY" but Blinky kills the kid first. So right there Im thinking maybe this robot has a motive for what he is doing now. Kinda tired of the kid acting like an ass and kills him, then the parents make smart remarks and they die. And the cop says something, but I cant hear it, so i was thinking maybe they dissed Blinky and that pissed him off lol.

Then the TV talks about faults. If he is doing what he is told its not actually a fualt. Its like he has a mind of his own type of deal.

(on a side note) another thing I dont understand is the whole point of the other robot walking down the street? I thought it was going somewhere, but it never really did. Was the kid just mad cus he doesnt have the newest toy?

JL3506d ago

That was pretty well done and enjoyable. Makes me want one of those robots yet scared of him at the same time lol. Though the boy was a huge brat, I wanted to see him kill the kid.

darklordzor3505d ago

Hell no I don't want one of those robots! It's just way too creepy looking for me. In fact with all of these robot going crazy movies/stories out there, if at home robots ever become a reality, I'm sure I'll pass.

darklordzor3505d ago

Yeah, I didn't exactly feel bad for the kid, but at the same time, he's acting like a brat because of all the trouble he's having with his parents. He's trying to bring the family together and hoped Blinky would do that (like the commercials said). So when things don't work out for him, he gets more angry and takes it out on the robot. Too bad he just so happened to say the wrong damn thing!

I loved it! Part of me wishes for a full length film involving this world, but at the same time it works really well in a short film format.

JL3505d ago

Yea I'm not really sure how well that would adapt to feature length. I mean I'm sure they could work it somehow, but it definitely works perfectly fine as a short.

darklordzor3505d ago

Oh I have no idea how they'd do it either, but there's something about the story and the robot itself that makes me want to see more.