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Lord of the Rings Extended Editions on Blu-Ray June 28th

From TMP:

Hot on the heels of the announcement that The Hobbit has begun filming, Middle-Earth fanboys have even more to be excited about. Warner Bros. has announced via Press Release the official date for the Lord of the Rings Extended Edition blu-rays...and even gave the full details on the bonus features.

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JL3705d ago

Well this ended up being earlier than I thought. I thought with the previous announcement and the wording Amazon used that this would probably be late this year or maybe early 2012. Just a few months away, though. That's cool.

I guess I know what will be one of the prizes for June contests though lol

Soldierone3704d ago

Awesome, like three days after my birthday haha! Too bad i probably wont have money unless I find a job soon lmao

darklordzor3704d ago

Yeah I was really expecting December or January to be the release date, but nothing this close. I mentioned it to my wife and since it's about a week after Father's Day I may be able to get lucky and have that be my belated Father's Day gift. *crossing my fingers*