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( I Am Number Four Review "Sometimes we forget that not all movies are made for the general public as the target audience. Some films are meant to reach a certain target audience and hope that their liking of a film will carry it on to success. Case in point - the teen-sci-fi-drama film I am Number Four. Walk into the theater without taking into account that this movie was made specifically for the younger tween/teen/early 20s crowd and you will find yourself as bored as a wrestling fan at the ballet. I am being serious here, people. This movie is not for everyone. The first 15 minutes alone will prove that. But if you can remember as you walk to your seat that you are about to watch a movie based on a young adult sci-fi novel you might actually enjoy parts of this movie. Not the movie as a whole, but at least the last 30 minutes once all the action and sci-fi elements kick in."

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kay51493699d ago

This was such a great movie.

Arcee3699d ago

Even though I was entertained by it, I couldn't ignore some of the flaws that were presented.

Soldierone3699d ago

I know there were some flaws, but none that were ruining the movie. At least not in my opinion. Compared to the visual fests we have been getting, it was really good.

darklordzor3699d ago

Wow, that's a low score. I honestly didn't have that big of a problem with it. I thought it was fun and entertaining. It has plenty of flaws with it, but they didn't totally ruin the movie for me. They weren't anything I couldn't look past. By no means was it a perfect film, and won't be hitting my favorites list anytime soon, but it was still entertaining. Most importantly I didn't feel like I had wasted my money on it.

Arcee3698d ago

The thing that came across the most as the reason that I scored it the way I did was the acting. Pettyfer, Agron, and the majority of the cast seemed uninterested. The main Durrand, Olyphant and McAuliffe were the only standouts in the film acting like they believed they were there. Honestly, the last 30 minutes of the film really made it totally worth it for me. But I couldn't look past the acting.

darklordzor3698d ago

@ Arcee

Yeah I've actually seen a lot of praise for Olyphants work in the film, and personally I think he was underutilized. Could have used much more of his character in the film.

Arcee3698d ago

That's for sure. He definitely carried the movie when he was on screen.