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Johnny Depp Lining Up For Guest Spot In Ricky Gervais' Series 'Life's Too Short'

Obviously Johnny Depp didn’t take Ricky Gervais ribbing him at the Golden Globes about his one-note performance in The Tourist to heart. He is trying to work out his schedule so he can guest star in an episode of Gervais’ new BBC comedy series Life’s Too Short, which, like Gervais' most recent BBC show, Extras, is also expected to air on HBO. Filming starts in England in May. Life’s Too Short follows a conceited and egomaniac dwarf who runs a talent agency for fellow showbiz dwarves. Warwick Davis stars as the monstrous talent agent.

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darklordzor3704d ago

I don't think anyone took Ricky Gervais seriously at the Golden Globes. They were all jokes, that's the point. Hell they do far worse than that all the time. Either way should be interesting to have Depp on the show.