New Trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Yahoo! has posted a new trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. This trailer gives a better look at the story behind the film. We also get to see mermaids, and a glimpse at Keith Richards who is reprising his role as Jack Sparrow's father.

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darklordzor4159d ago

Wonderful! I have to say that the first couple trailers didn't have me excited at all, but these last 2 have been very amazing. I'm getting very hyped for this film, despite some reservations. I really like how this one focused much more on the story and action, rather than the "hey it's Jack Sparrow doing goofy stuff" type comedy things they've been throwing in. The comedy they did have in the trailer really worked and didn't seem forced at all.

Quagmire4159d ago

I was a little iffy at first, but now I'm totally keen to see this movie. I just hope to god this is a competent film, I dont want to be dissapointed after all this hype.

darklordzor4158d ago

I wasn't so much iffy, as I was unenthused. I love the Pirates movies so I was going to see it anyway, but I wasn't very excited for it. i am now though!

Soldierone4159d ago

I like how its entirely a new story from scratch with the same characters. It looks interesting, I just feel like the trailer gave a little too much information lol.

The mermaid thing was really frigging cool!

darklordzor4159d ago

It did give up quite a bit of info, but that's also why I liked it. All the previous trailers and spots haven't showed much in the way of the story. At first they seemed to be banking only on the fact that Johnny Depp was back as Sparrow. Now we get a better feel for the story and a lot of my fears are alleviated.

Soldierone4159d ago

Yeah I can see that. The only issue is they showed ALOT of the mermaids. like I wasnt expecting the mermaids to jump out of the water to attack, so that would of been a nice suprise in the film. Things like that are all throughout this trailer.

darklordzor4159d ago

True you make a good point there. That would have been a very nice surprise later on.

Shani4159d ago

I am getting more excited. Wondering what fountain of youth really does??

JL4159d ago (Edited 4159d ago )

I'd say it does exactly what it's meant to do: provide eternal youth. The franchise obviously isn't afraid to go into fantasy/magic/supernatural, so no reason to change it.

I think the better question is: Do they actually find the fountain or find it to be a myth?

Soldierone4159d ago

Or they find it and dont know how to use it, or there is a missing peice etc...thus it works but doesn't work as expected. Thats what I would expect from this movie.

darklordzor4158d ago

My bet is that they do find it, but the cost of using it is dire. So rather than dipping in it, Jack Sparrow fights to keep Black Beard from using it.