David Slade Talks About Daredevil

Daredevil has been something of a somewhat hot topic lately as it was announced recently that David Slade was attached to direct the reboot of the blind superhero movie. Not long after that was announced, rumors started circulating about people that were being considered for the lead role. One of these being Robert Pattinson. Pattinson, and now Slade, have had some things to say about that, though. Slade also had a little bit extra to add about the film and it’s intent.

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darklordzor3512d ago

Well, not a whole lot of information there, but still, it's exciting to see definitive confirmation, and that this will be a complete reboot.

Also I think I read somewhere that even Robert Pattinson said he wasn't interested in it, though he wanted to play a superhero at some point. Fortunately it looks like he won't be if we can only get rid of Hedlund for sure as well.

Christopher3512d ago

I was under the impression that it wasn't necessarily going to be a reboot, but something that kept going forward without relying on or referencing too much of the first movie. Meaning, didn't think they'd go through the whole explaining who he is again and just get right into a new story. Kind of like Punisher: War Zone.

JL3511d ago

I guess that's still possible actually. Completely ignore all past Daredevil works, and take a different approach to the superhero, but at the same time understand that people do understand who he is, so just skip the origins thing.

Soldierone3511d ago

Can we please write Pattinson off any major superhero film too....Id hate to see him become the next Flash or something...I watched some movie that wasn't Twilight and he did basically the same thing he did in Twilight. Showing lack of acting skill.

darklordzor3511d ago

True...for now though he seems fairly content on the indie scene...maybe he'll stay there.

OSIRUSSS3511d ago

R. Patt as the Flash? I hope i never live to see that.

darklordzor3512d ago

@ cgoodno

Yeah, that's what the reports were saying at first, but it looks like they are going an entirely different route. Works just fine for me. Honestly I'm just happy that Daredevil is getting another chance. While I didn't hate the first one like a lot of people do, it still wasn't what I wanted a Daredevil movie to be like.