Fan-Cast: If Star Wars Was Remade?

Turbo Exp says: "Believe me, I am completely against a Star Wars reboot/remake, but I'm just considering my choices for the characters if it were to happen. Here are my choices for all of the Star Wars films main characters"

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-MD-3508d ago

Why remake it? Why not extend it instead? There's infinite potential.

Quagmire3508d ago

Enough of Star Wars.

I want a Mass Effect film. Mathew Fox as Commander Shephard, directed by Peter Jackson thank you.

darklordzor3508d ago

I've always wondered what a Star Wars remake would be like. Not saying I ever want one (I'm a massive fan, so I'd probably still watch it), but I've thought about it. However it seems way too early to be talking about remakes to the prequels. I mean they weren't that long ago.

@ M_D I'm with you, if they do anything movie related, they may as well just extend it. Start delving into the rich world of the books or comics and you've got some great stories already established.