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Open Casting Call for Role of 'Tupac' in Biopic

It seems some lucky unknown will get to land the role of one of the most controversial figures ever in the music industry. Morgan Creek Productions and have issued on open casting call. The casting call is in an effort to fill the lead role in the much anticipated biopic of legendary hip hop artist Tupac Shakur.

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darklordzor3962d ago

Honestly this seems like the best approach for this role. It's hard to pick any one actor who could portray him, so delving into the pool of unknowns could work out really well for them.

JL3962d ago

I agree. I can't think of anyone that could really play this part and capture the persona and essence of Pac. Let's just hope they find a proper one amongst the unknowns. Or better yet, let's hope the people in charge understand what entails a proper Tupac when casting.

darklordzor3962d ago

@ JL

Yep, that's what I'm hoping for too. I love a good biopic, but it really all hinges on the actor they get (no matter what the movie).

Soldierone3961d ago

I personally think this is gonna fall upon the writing more than anything. The actor needs to look like him, but there is no reason that should be bad. Its gonna be the story and how its told more than anything.

darklordzor3961d ago

We're not talking so much about how the actor looks, it's whether or not he can feel like Tupac. Jamie Foxx didn't exactly look like Ray Charles, but he had the mannerisms and character down perfectly. That's what's important as far as acting goes.

JL3961d ago

Exactly as Dark said. And Foxx is a great example there. Or even Joaquin as Cash. The looks don't have to be spot on. As long as he's black and not tall or overweight then I'm fine probably lol But it's more the personality and persona.

Especially considering how charismatic and layered Tupac was, gotta get that just right. I mean here you have a guy that was a gangsta type, but at the same time intelligent and also a poet. Also part activist part realist. He really was a complex man. And above all he had this charisma and swagger and was very polarizing. This actor needs to be able to convey that properly.

I will admit the story will have some weight too obviously. My concern there though is more that they get it right and do him justice capturing who all he really was. Of course, with Tupac's mom serving as executive producer on this, that obviously means she's involved with this project, so I'm sure she'll keep it in line. Furthermore, with her on board, obviously it's some type of proof that the other filmmakers involved with this actually care about the legacy of the man (rather than just see him as some trouble-making thug like the media did in his day) and will try to do right by him.

Soldierone3961d ago

That last part is what I'm saying though. The beginning of this film should portray just that, he was a trouble making thug. However that should easily transition into all the other things he was. So you think "wow he reall was more than this" by the end of the film. Its like writing an essay, you say your point, you explian your point, you realize the point at the end.

All Im saying is this should exactly ONLY connect with Tupac fans. Those of us with semi interest don't know everything, alot of people only see him as a thug, and a lot more people have no idea who he is but might know a few songs.

The actor can be accomplished. There are so many people to choose from, so much talent, an so many ways to push talent onto a person. If the director is good then thats no concern to me and thats what I was saying. It takes good writing to portray Tupac in this light, if the writing suck all he will be is a very charismatic outgoing rapper.

JL3961d ago

I do agree the story needs to be right, but I think the casting can make or break this one. The story definitely needs to be right though in the sense that it captures all of who Tupac really was.

On that note, the director is the same director that did such movies as Bait, Training Day and Tears of the Sun. The writers have aptly handled biopics before as well, such as Ali and Nixon. They've also done Copying Beethoven. And the upcoming Moneyball which seems to be getting a good amount of praise that I've seen. So it seems to be in capable hands.

darklordzor3960d ago

I too think the film is in very capable hands, which is why we're focusing so much on the casting at this point. Everything seems squared away behind the scenes, so the main point left is the lead actor.