Player Affinity: The Cape – Endgame Review

Player Affinity writes: "The Cape has finally disappeared with his last puff of smoke. Two weeks ago NBC aired the last episode of The Cape that would be televised, but they’ve released one final episode, Endgame, online. But don’t be fooled by the title, Endgame isn’t the series finale, it’s just the episode they were shooting when NBC pulled the plug. "

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Christopher3505d ago

Watched this on Hulu over the weekend. Very obvious that they had no intention of letting these people wrap anything up at all.

firefoxprime3505d ago

I'm sorry, but this show sucked. I really gave it a chance. I "really" did. Premise was okay. I normally don't focus on the acting aspects of the characters, but that kid just really irked me. He was so boring. So was the mom. The head villian was boring too. Goofiness was fine. But I just could not take this show seriously.

Thank God I have No Ordinary Family & Smallville for my superhero fix.

Yeah I know...smallville's wrapping up too...*sniffles* If only "all" the seasons could've been this awesome.

Christopher3505d ago (Edited 3505d ago )

I thought it was horrible as well. Though, I've been waiting for it to be cancelled since the premiere.

No Ordinary Family had a really bad start, IMHO, but worked up to being an okay show. But, that's getting axed as well.

I stopped watching Smallville ages ago. It just got to be too much of its own thing and went way past where it should have, IMHO. If the 7th and higher seasons are on Netflix, I might end up watching them. No plans to pay for them, though.

Honestly, I'm not sure people get how to do a good Superhero TV show. They try to do too much, they don't realize that their target audience doesn't want a show that just throws super powers on top of an ordinary drama, they combine super heroes with too much geekery, or they just create a good idea and don't follow through with a desirable, let alone worthwhile, overall storyline and plot.

What we've heard so far of Wonder Woman scares the heck out of me if this is what they think comic book fans are interested in watching on a regular basis.

Most comic/fantasy adaptations seem to have some strong potential (The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, etc.), but superheroes seem to be Hollywood's kryptonite when it comes to TV shows. Heck, many of the movies fail to realize why the successful superhero movies are successful and focus way too much on ridiculous CGI rather than a strong story.

darklordzor3505d ago

Wow, that's really sad. They couldn't even let it finish on TV. I guess when it's doing that bad then it's better to just cut it off, but it still kind of sucks for the guys making it. Who knows, maybe it'll go on to great success in other venues...

darklordzor3505d ago

@ firefoxprime

Well you're going to be screwed the, because No Ordinary Family is about to get officially canned as well. Then none of us will have our TV superhero fix until Wonder Woman...but I don't have high hopes for that either.

I agree, I never really got into The Cape, I did try, but I just couldn't buy it all. I'm all for cheesiness and campy, but this show even took that too far.