Project-Blu Blu Ray Review For 'Tangled'

Tangled has a great sense of humor, which is a plus for the adults, and some superbly cute creatures, the easy out for a quick giggle from children. It really is a well managed film that aspires to do a lot, and succeeds at almost every turn. Its a universal, somewhat timeless tale, and that isn't lost here.

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kay51493505d ago

This is such a great movie. Mandy Moores voice! :) I love Maximus. Definitly buying this! :D

darklordzor3504d ago

I didn't want to see this in theaters. I really had no interest, but with all of the good reviews it's been getting, I'm going to have to check it out on the blu-ray. If it's no good I can still use my toddler as an excuse for getting it. :)

kay51493502d ago

It is a great movie even for adults. I saw it twice, regular and in 3D. It mad me love the movie even more the second time.