Check Out The Two New High-Res Scream 4 Stills And A Brand New TV Spot

It was only on Wednesday that we received a whole batch of new images from Wes Craven's upcoming horror sequel, Scream 4, but apparently Dimension Films is really excited to promote it. Today not only do we get high res versions of the Wednesday stills, but two new ones and a television spot.

The first new image shows off everyone's favorite Woodsboro police officer, Dewey (David Arquette), holding a gun, but the real attraction here is the bloodspattered, knife-wielding Ghostface. If these past few days have proven anything, it's that Scream 4 won't be lacking in blood.

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darklordzor3512d ago

Still looks good to me. I know I'm excited and ready for this movie.

MrMyers3512d ago

I can't wait to see this. It really takes me back. I loved the first ones and this seems to return to that well. This should be a fun movie.

darklordzor3511d ago

I liked the first 2, but didn't really care for the third. I am looking forward to seeing it for those nostalgic reason though.

Soldierone3512d ago

Does anyone here know how to fix my computer so it will play videos in these players? it plays the ads but it never plays the actual videos.

darklordzor3511d ago

That is a very odd bug. I honestly can't say that I'm able to help you, but you might try to PM JL and see if he knows what's up.