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Blackbeard Scowls In New Pirates Of The Caribbean Character Poster

Wrapping up a week in which we've seen individual posters for nearly every major character in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, the villainous Blackbeard is taking the focus today in the new poster you can see below. In similar style as the posters that featured Jack Sparrow, Penelope Cruz's Angelica and Geoffrey Rush's Barbossa, this one is the most interesting because, come on, Blackbeard is a total badass.

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MrMyers3508d ago

He does look like a badass! I'm curious to see how this character turns out exactly.

Yi-Long3508d ago

... cause the actor playing him is the excellent Ian McShane, from the brilliant Deadwood!

Still can't believe some worthless fuckwads decided to cancel that show.

darklordzor3508d ago

I'm most intrigued by why the ends of his beard is on fire and that he's holding that skull. If you look closely it's the skull from all the other teaser posters (of the last 3 films) which looks a lot like ol' Jack Sparrow.

Quagmire3506d ago

That was a real world pirate trait, blackbeard would burn the ends of his hair. Not sure why, but just adds to the badassery I suppose

darklordzor3506d ago

@ Quagmire

Hmmm, very interesting. I just wasn't sure if it had something to do with the fantastical element of his character or not. In all, it does give him a more bad ass appearance.