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Couch Potato Club Review of Battle: Los Angeles

Battle: LA is a fairly enjoyable (but generic) popcorn flick that will probably be forgotten soon enough, but will be a fairly fun ride while it lasts.

Going into Battle: Los Angeles I had heard quite a mix of reviews. Some saying it was poor, others saying it was a great war movie. So, of course, I assumed most of them were full of shit and the truth lay somewhere in the middle. For this reason, I went into the movie with an open mind, but no big expectations. As a result, Battle: Los Angeles proved my theory right as it turned out to be an entertaining popcorn flick. If definitely wasn’t short of its share of faults, nor was it a great movie, but it was enjoyable popcorn flick which, at its heart, is seemingly all it’s meant to be (or at least all it should be seen as).

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MrMyers3963d ago

I have heard alot of sub-par or mediocre stuff about this one. I'll just wait until the dvd comes out.

darklordzor3962d ago

I keep hearing up and down reviews for it. Either it scores really high or low. Not a whole lot of middle ground for this film. I guess it really depends on what the individual wants out of the film. I still plan on seeing it in theaters, but my expectations are a little lower.

JL3962d ago

That's your best bet. Just keep your expectations low. Realize this is nothing more than a popcorn flick and you'll enjoy it. That's what I ended up doing and I enjoyed it well enough. It's not great, but it's enjoyable.

darklordzor3962d ago

Perfect! I love me deep and thought-provoking movies that really strike a chord with me, but sometimes nothing really beats a good popcorn flick. Honestly that's all I was expecting and hoping for out of this movie.