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FleshEatingZipper Says: "Don’t you remember the 80s? No, I’m not talking about New Wave music, purple mohawks, or Ronald Reagan; I’m talking about the legion of movies and TV series involving an alien that crash lands on Earth, bonds with a kid and his family, avoids government authorities who want to cut him up for science, and hitches a ride back to his home planet. E.T., Alf, Mac & Me - everyone was infatuated with the stupid things. And of course, they were the first thing that came to mind about twenty minutes into Paul, a film in which an alien crash lands on Earth, bonds with two nerds, avoids government authorities that… Oh, sorry, spoilers."

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kay51493701d ago

I want to see this! :)

JL3701d ago

If you've liked Simon Pegg and Nick Frost's previous work together, you should definitely like this. I don't find it as good as Shaun of the Dead (nor does anybody else it seems), but still definitely worth a watch for fans of the two or the genre.

MrMyers3701d ago

I want to see this too! I loved these guys first two movies.