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The Media Stomp: The Lincoln Lawyer Review

Anthony Stofferahn of Media Stomp wrote "This weekend the box office throws us three different movies. One of which is The Lincoln Lawyer, starring Matthew McConaughey. I've been seeing trailers for this for quite a while and each time I've seen them I found myself saying that this could be an interesting movie. I personally like the crime and drama genres, and I felt like this one could definitely contend by the looks of the trailer. When it came down to it, the cast looked like a nice setup, the concept looked like it could work, the director - never heard of him. Let's hope that last bit has no impact on how the movie flows. This movie is based off a book by the best-selling crime writer, Michael Connelly. I haven't read the book, so I will not be able to comment on how closely this movie follows it unfortunately."

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MrMyers3502d ago

It's about time that McConaughey got back to some real acting. He used to be awesome. Then he became some heart throb.

cody2oo3502d ago

Agree, i wanna see this after seeing all of the chick flicks he was in that my girlfriend made me watch, now imma be like "my turn"

MinimeJer053495d ago

Go see it! It really is worth it.

darklordzor3501d ago

I honestly never understood how he became such a heart throb either. He's kind of a goofy guy, and he's a goober in all of the chick flicks he did.