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"Rango" MovieStinger (Re)View

MovieStinger writes:
I know I just recently said in my review of Battle: LA (here) that Oscar season is long over, but say hello to my little friend Rango, an early candidate for animated film of the year. The timing of its release, significantly before the summer blockbuster months, makes me wonder if the suits at Paramount were unsure of how audiences would react to this oddball of a gem, especially when you take a look at its surrounding animated peers being released around the same time. Well, I can’t say for sure officially yet, but Gnomeo and Juliet, Moms Needs Mars, and Hop don’t look too promising, and they’re equipped with 3D. Those movies would probably need it in a showdown against Rango, which impressively is not even offered in the gimmicky trend.

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MrMyers3707d ago

Eeehhh this just doesn't seem to catch my interest. I keep hearing good things about it, but nothing I have seen appeal it really seems to appeal to me.