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'Wonder Woman': First Look at Adrianne Palicki in Costume

From EW:

Red alert! Or should we say blue? EW has obtained an exclusive first look of Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman — aka Diana Prince — from NBC’s reboot of the classic 1970s series.

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darklordzor3506d ago

Honestly, looks like a cheap Halloween costume. She looks hot in it, but then again girls tend to look hot in those Halloween costumes. Not at all what I was expecting/hoping for.

Yi-Long3506d ago

... it's like she walked of the set of a Power Rangers episode.

darklordzor3506d ago

Very good analogy. The whole thing just looks fake. Nothing very realistic about it.

firefoxprime3506d ago

Its an adaptation of a comic book series...
/= reality. -sighs-

JL3505d ago

lol You're right. As soon as I opened that I was like "crap, that does look like some 'model' you'd see on a site selling cheap costumes".

Just looks too cheap and cheesy. Something I'd expect as some fan-made costume for ComicCon or something.

CobraKai3505d ago

I dunno man. I think ComicCon costumes have more heart than this Halloween Superstore costume.

darklordzor3505d ago

Very true, some of those Comic Con costumes are ridiculously awesome. Believe me, I've been to a few of them. Not all are great, but many are very meticulous.

Oh and CobraKai, your screen name brings back so many memories!

Crazay3506d ago

What were you expecting or hoping for? It's not like Wonder Woman's costume was laced with gold or anything of any spectacular nature. She does look good though....DAMN!

Christopher3506d ago (Edited 3506d ago )

What I was expecting:

- A metal bra cover and waist belt that actually look like metal
- The cloth elements that look more like cloth/leather than cheap, glossy latex.
- If they went with full pants, something other than a full leg of bright blue.

This looks like something I'd expect from a Power Rangers spin off, aimed at children under the age of 12. This is not a prime time show look or feel. Even the WB Smallville costumes are better looking than this.

I expected something a lot more like this:


If they were worried about too much skin, I would have gone with the oft-used skirt option, like this (sans cape):


Soldierone3506d ago

EXACTLY what Im trying to get at. There are so many awesome variations of her costume, and so many of them are pure sexyness....this is just why?

darklordzor3506d ago

Those are fantastic examples! Perfect for what they should have gone with. Something that looks realistic and not too campy. That would have worked much better.

JL3505d ago

Very well put. It definitely should (and could) look more realistic and professional. Definitely doesn't have that prime time look or feel as you so accurately put it.

Soldierone3506d ago

She looks good in it but that costume is TERRIBLE! How about the good Wonder Woman that shows off more skin? You know like the JL cartoon. Show more stomach, make the pants shorts, and keep the extended long boots.

Also change the blue, looks cheesy. And whats up with the super bright lipstick?

I can understand not going all out with the sexyness, but this is gonna look so horrible in action....

darklordzor3506d ago

You know, I didn't really notice the lipstick until you said something, now that's all I can see.

I can live without the more revealing aspects of it, but it doens't have to look like crap either.

JL3505d ago

I don't have a cartoon :D

darklordzor3506d ago

@ Crazay

I'm not sure actually what I was looking for. The costume just looks cheap and Halloweenish. Something on par with what you'd see in a cheap fan film, not a professional TV show.

Who knows, things do look different in the movie lighting and in motion, so perhaps it's not as bad as I think.

I tell you though, she could lasso me up anytime she wanted to!

shadow27973506d ago

I feel bad for the sound designers. They're not going to be able to use any of the on-location sound with all the squeaking that suit's going to produce.

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