Billy Bob Thornton in Talks for 'Bad Santa 2'

The Wrap:
Billy Bob Thornton is in negotiations to reprise his foul-mouthed role in a sequel to 2003's "Bad Santa," TheWrap has learned.

"We feel that it’s a Christmas perennial for the R-rated crowd," a Weinstein Company spokesperson confirmed to TheWrap. "Everyone loves the character and Billy Bob’s excited to be in talks with us."

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Crazay3712d ago

Sign me up for this one. Bad Santa is one of the best Christmas movies in years.

-MD-3712d ago

I tried sneaking into the original when I was younger. We bought tickets for Cat in the Hat, waited 5 min and snuck out because Bad Santa was directly across the hall.

We got caught by an employee and he told me to get back in our theater or we'll be asked to leave. 5 minutes later we snuck back out and watched the rest of it lol.

Ahh memories... I'm going to miss John Ritter and Berny Mac though. They were half the movie.

darklordzor3712d ago

Am I the only one who just didn't care for this movie? It has it's moments, but overall I thought the whole thing was forgettable. They've talked about doing a sequel for a while, but I was never very interested...still not.

Crazay3712d ago

Yes DLZ - You are the only one I've ever talked to who didn't absolutely love the original.

Christopher3712d ago

I don't care for the original either. Though, Crazay and I have never officially "talked" to one another.

Other films I have not liked and have been criticized for not liking include most of Will Ferrell's movies (The Other Guys, Step Brothers, Semi-Pro, Blades of Glory, Talladega Nights, Starsky & Hutch, and Old School).

Crazay3712d ago

I can agree with you on the WIll Ferrell movies. The guy is just not funny.

darklordzor3712d ago

Yeah, I was about to say that I agree with you on most of the ones you listed. I do love Talladega Nights though. It's so stupid but I love it. Can't stand any of the others.

darklordzor3712d ago

@ Crazay

lol, well I guess that settles THAT issue then :)

JL3712d ago

I enjoyed the first. I thought it was pretty hilarious. Then again, I only ever actually saw the "Badder" Santa version, so not sure what the difference was. Just unrated I'm sure. But I thought it was pretty funny and I enjoyed it. I'd watch a second one.