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"Battle: Los Angeles" MovieStinger (Re)View

MovieStinger writes:
To the naysayers who criticized the movie, what’d you expect? Oscar season is long over, and March is usually full of iffy films that studios dump before the summer blockbuster season. We should be so lucky to be treated to a heavily marketed, loud in-your-face popcorn flick that deserved to be (and easily could’ve been) released in the summer. Also, the movie is called Battle: Los Angeles, not Drama: Los Angeles, so of course it’s gonna be focused on war. And here within lies the film’s overwhelming strength.

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kay51493701d ago

Didn't like this movie that much.

JL3701d ago

I didn't find it that bad. It helped that I scaled back my expectations and went in just thinking generic action-packed popcorn flick (which is all it is). Wasn't great (or even very good) but wasn't horrible either, I didn't think.