FilmMattic Person of The Week: Tom Hooper—A King On The Most Important Day

FilmMattic writes: This post may be a tad belated, but I consider its contents to be critic-ally important; sort of a referendum against the mass of online film critics.
Although, you can include me in the increasingly animus ranks of filmgoers who have reacted in objective dismay at the coronation of The King's Speech during the Academy Awards, I still cannot discount it's resounding triumph of the four major categories—a film viewed by many as "Oscar Bait" proved to be Oscar Great, winning Best Picture, Actor, Original Screenplay, and in terms of this post, Director. Despite my preference for Fincher or Aronofsky for Best Director, Tom Hooper took home the coveted award...and much less importantly, my infinitely inconsequential, "Person of the Week" title.

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MrMyers3513d ago

I too thought The King's Speech was highly overrated.

darklordzor3512d ago

It is a very overrated film. It does a lot of things really well, but on the whole, there isn't enough conflict in the film to keep it interesting. It suffers heavily from being boring. I wanted so much more out of it, I wanted more reason to care, but I just couldn't.

JL3512d ago

It wasn't quite as boring as I figured it may be when I went into it (I was expecting the worse), but indeed it was boring and uneventful really. Still have no clue how this got Best Picture.

darklordzor3512d ago

Yeah me neither. I can't believe it beat out all of those other films that could have easily won. It just didn't have enough conflict for me. The main conflict of the film was tempered by the fact that his speech on the whole didn't really mean a lot. He was only a figure head so it wasn't as important as the prime minister's speech or anything like that. They just didn't play it up enough. They downplayed all the conflict.