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YellowBrickRoad: 10 Great Fight Scenes

YellowBrickRoad writes:
As promised my next selection of my favorite top 10′s is my favorite fight scenes and you should be warned…this is a girl’s interpretation of great fight scenes, mainly because I dont watch a lot of movies with fighting in them. I haven’t seen Fight Club…I haven’t seen Rocky or Girlfight or even Million Dollar Baby so my list wont be comprised of that many “classic” fights, just ones I really enjoy.

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-MD-3708d ago

I totally expected to see an Ong Bak clip in there but it wasn't =/ some good choices in there though.

Love the Kill Bill scene with Lucy Liu.

JL3707d ago

Ong Bak yes. That's another that I'd put on there. Any of his scenes really.

When I first saw it a couple things that came to mind were a couple different fight scenes from the Bourne movies. Also a couple of the fights between Neo and Agent Smith. Enter the Dragon fight scenes.

And then my mind went into a comedic fight scene mode thinking of the News Crew fight in Anchorman and the part where Norton fights himself in Fight Club lol

Leio3707d ago

FlashPoint with Donnie Yen is one of the best fightscene in recent years :)

Yi-Long3707d ago

... as it mainly focusses on Hollywood blockbusters with mediocre fighting scenes, with the exception of the nr. 1 choice, which is CTHD...

... but anyone who's into martial arts cinema and/or asian cinema will be able to think of at least a hundred better fightscenes.

Fist of Legend springs to mind (although there is still no proper release out), as does Drunken Master 2...

Obviously Ong-Bak and Tom Yum Goong have amazing fightscenes.

Not to mention the hundreds of the lesser known HK action flicks from the mid-80's till mid-90's, with Jackie Chan, Yuen Biao, Chin Siu Ho, Jet Li, Donnie Yen, etc.

Even in korean cinema you will find some amazing fight-scenes, like the very short fight on the highway in A Bittersweet Life, or the fight in the diner in Arahan.

And as far as american productions go, you just have to mention Drive (Steve Wang, Mark Dacascos) and Undisputed 2, among others.

So, in short, this is a horrible horrible worthless list. If anyone really thinks these are the best fightscenes that cinema has to offer, than you're missing out BIG-TIME.

darklordzor3707d ago

Anything that Donnie Yen does should be listed somewhere.

darklordzor3708d ago

Nice to see the Princess Bride mention on here. That is a great fight scene for many reasons, and one of my favorite parts in that movie. Nice list overall, with some picks on there most people don't go with.

I'm a Tony Jaa fanboy so I always think of his movies in lists like this, but there are so many great choices to choose from in movies these days.

Christopher3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

Surprised not to see a Chan, Li, or Yen scene in there. I know Jaa belongs in there, but I'm not so much a fan of his for fighting as I am just for his stunts. I'd say the same for Chan, though there are a few I've enjoyed a lot (the two guys at the end of Who Am I? was a good one).

One of my favorites is Chen Zhen vs Funakoshi in Fist of Legend