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Liam Neeson Now Ready For 'Taken 2' Encore

Liam Neeson and Luc Besson have come to a meeting of the minds and they have worked out the scheduling snafu that made him iffy for Taken 2. Neeson's reps at CAA are now closing the deal for Neeson to reprise what has become a signature role. Production is now being eyed for year end or beginning of 2012. Neeson will stick to his plan to take the rest of the year off, after completing the Clash of the Titans sequel he's shooting in London. He has been working almost nonstop, wrapping The Grey for Joe Carnahan and Battleship for Peter Berg.

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-MD-3702d ago

Really looking forward to this one. Enjoyed the first one so much I watched it twice in a row.

darklordzor3702d ago

The first one was really impressive. It was a fairly simple and straightforward story, but it was told in an incredible fashion. Really, I wish Liam Neeson would have discovered this talent for action films earlier in life.

Can't wait for this movie, though I hope it's not just a cut and paste of the same basic story.

JL3701d ago

I absolutely loved the first one. I definitely can't wait for another. Though like dark mentions, I hope they don't just recycle the same thing over. They need to keep it fresh. Still love to see Neeson return to this role.

darklordzor3700d ago

My real hope is that it's NOT a 'Taken 2'...but an all new story that utilizes his bad ass character. Doesn't have to be the same set up, just the same character in the same world. That would be fantastic for me.

Chauvez3699d ago

Hard to believe hes touching 60... :0