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Implied Value: The Hottie & The Nottie

FleshEatingZipper Says: "Good Christ almighty, what have I stumbled upon? How could I have known–truly known--that the hour and a half of so-called “content” on this DVD was a vile, wretched monster born of my worst nightmares? I suppose I could have looked it up on IMDB, but that’s cheating. When I snagged this from a Walgreen’s bargain bin at three in the morning, I knew (as any rational person might) that this would be awful. Little did I know that I was paying $3.99 plus tax for the single most offensive, unfunny, lazy piece of trash ever put to plastic. I am not sure the English language has the capacity to encapsulate the vitriol and hatred I have for The Hottie & the Nottie, but by gum, let’s give it a shot."

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