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The Beaver Review - WGTC

Jodie Foster’s The Beaver had its moments, but the overall premise just didn’t fly. It premiered at Austin’s SXSW film fest last night, and will be out in theatres this May. Mel Gibson stars as a mentally ill family man who uses a beaver hand puppet to deal with his issues. Though this emotional drama had tender moments, the story just wasn’t strong enough to make it a great film. Instead it came across as somewhat contrived and just plain mediocre.

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-MD-3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

Very disappointing. I've been looking forward to seeing Mel in this for awhile now. Ever since the first trailer however long ago that was.

I'm still gonna check it out regardless of the scores.

newn4gguy3707d ago

I will too. I still have hope.

darklordzor3707d ago

Man....I have heard nothing but bad reviews on this (even our own guy who went to SXSW) and that makes me sad. I had hopes for this film, mostly because I wanted to see another good Mel Gibson movie. Maybe it's just not meant to be.

barboza3706d ago

Actually I posted my review on it and thought it was great. I'm gonna stay away from the shameless plug but it's already on Filmwatch if you want to read a different opinion - I liked it.

darklordzor3706d ago

Shameless! I know, I liked your review, and I think it's about the only reason I still plan on seeing it. I really still like Mel Gibson as an actor. I try not to let personal stuff factor in my movie watching decision making.