Kevin Costner Set For 'Superman: Man Of Steel'

From Deadline:

It's all over but the press release! Almost a month after Deadline revealed that Kevin Costner was in early talks for a lead role in Superman: Man of Steel, I hear that he has closed a deal to play Jonathan Kent, the adoptive dad of Clark Kent. Costner will join Henry Cavill, who is playing the title role, and Diane Lane, who is playing Martha Kent, his adopted mother.

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darklordzor3509d ago

I know everyone pretty much assumed those rumors a month ago were true, but it's really nice to have this confirmation. I think he's perfect for the role, and am even more excited for this movie!

JL3509d ago

I think he makes for a real good Jonathan Kent. And I believe him and Diane Lane will look good on-screen together as a couple. Now I'm just curious how much they'll actually be in the movie.

On a somewhat side note, I see the first comment on Deadline there is someone pleading for Olivia Wilde to be Lois. I really don't understand what the infatuation is with her. Not that I really have anything against her, but I don't see the big deal. She's done nothing to impress me greatly (in fact, in House, she kinda got on my nerves when I've seen episodes with her). And no, I don't think she'd be perfect for the role of Lois. You want a perfect Lois? Get Rachel McAdams.

darklordzor3509d ago

Yeah I never got the attraction to Olivia Wilde either. She hasn't done anything incredibly impressive yet. Sure, she was in TRON, but I wouldn't exactly be bragging about that either.

I wonder how involved the Kents will be as well. My hope is that they actually DO something with them, as opposed to merely setting up his background.

JL3509d ago

I'm glad somebody isn't blinded by all this Olivia Wilde fanboyism going around. I don't see the big deal at all.

And yea, you'd hope they at least have some decent part in the movie. Of course, with them casting such big names, it would almost lead me to believe that it is a somewhat significant part lest they wouldn't be willing to shell out so much money to fill those roles.

shadow27973509d ago

I find Olivia Wilde attractive, but she's definitely no Lois. One of my biggest qualms with Superman Returns was the casting of Lois and their portrayal of her. She had no spunk. I don't think it would be any different with Wilde.

I can definitely see Rachel McAdams for the part, though. You can throw my vote in for her as well.

darklordzor3508d ago

Rachel McAdams is 100% my choice for Lois Lane as well. She's got the attitude and the ability to pull it off. Olivia Wilde just hasn't proven any of that.

hazelamy3509d ago

hopefully that means jonathan kent will actually live to see the end of a superman movie for a change.

Soldierone3509d ago

Brandon Routh to Kevin Costner as Superman? Meh...I could go on with how I hate it but oh well. I dont see the interest in an "older" superman, I think he is much more exciting as a younger Superman. Just like how Spiderman is better in high school.

JL3509d ago

Umm....what? You do realize Costner isn't playing Superman right? He's playing Jonathan Kent (Clark's "dad"). Henry Cavill (a young guy) is playing Superman. That's been known for a while now.

Soldierone3508d ago

Wow I should just go to sleep lol

I cant delete or edit my post anymore lol

JL3508d ago

lol Yea I'm probably past time of needing to go to bed too.

I was completely puzzled by what you were saying though. Thought I missed something at first lol

But it's ok, just admit your mistake and maybe the rest of the community will go easy on ridiculing you haha

darklordzor3508d ago

I was starting to worry about you there for a second Solider. Wouldn't that be interesting to see Costner as Superman though....Ok, not really, but that's funny.

Crazay3508d ago

BAHAHAHAHA!!! - That was hilarious Soldier. Seriously dude, you must have been into the green beer last night.

darklordzor3508d ago

@ Crazay,

You know what's really nerdy...When you said 'green beer' I instantly thought of it being some sort of kryptonite...Wow, can't believe I'm married.

Soldierone3508d ago

Haha, I was thinking Green Lantern!

It was like 4AM when i posted that, and I kept reading it but my eyes were at the point where nothing would focus at all haha

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