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Exclusive Clip From Zombie Drugs Promises It's Not a Zombie

From TMP:

The creators of the indie zom-com film, Zombie Drugs, have given TheMoviePool an exclusive clip from the film in order to share it with you guys. Outside of the first initial teaser trailer they have playing on their official site, it's the first look from the film you'll get.

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-MD-3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

What's the budget a hundred dollars? That's the guy from The Big Bang Theory though... he's usually pretty funny on the show.

darklordzor3711d ago

@ M_D,

LOL, yeah their budget is pretty low, it's an indie film afterall, but I've seen some other clips that showcase some pretty decent production qualities. Not the best, obviously, but considering the type of film it is, I tend to let some things slide.

Man you should see some of the stuff people send me though...Geez, people want me to post clips from movies they've made that are just horrendous! I mean stuff that kids make in high school with no lights or an actual mic type of bad.