'American Pie' Reunion Coming Together at Universal

The Hollywood Reporter says:

Universal is helping itself to another serving of American Pie.

The studio has completed deals with Jason Biggs, Seann William Scott (who entered treatment this week) and Eugene Levy to reunite for what is being called American Reunion.

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darklordzor3512d ago

I'm actually fairly interested if all the original cast will be there. Those were the only good American Pie movies anyway. I hate all of those direct to DVD ones. They aren't any good and just drag the series down.

Crazay3512d ago

The Naked Mile and the one after (Beta House?) it were HILARIOUS!!! How could you have not enjoyed those 2?

darklordzor3512d ago

I just never cared for them. They weren't bad, but I felt the main films had a decent story...Unlike the others which only tried to cram in as many adolescent jokes as possible. That's not saying they weren't funny, but their stories weren't keeping me interested.

Crazay3511d ago

Adolescent jokes? Do you even read things I say? lol

darklordzor3511d ago

Ha! Yes, but that's all about context you see... :)

-MD-3512d ago

There's been rumors about this for awhile. I'm glad it's happening.

darklordzor3511d ago

Yeah that's true. I remember hearing word about this a while ago when the filmmakers were working on some other film (can't think of it now) but I thought that would have been a cool idea.

Agreed, glad that it's going through. Let's just hope everyone else signs on.

Soldierone3511d ago

I think id be interested in it since they actually gave the original films a story and character development, so it had a point. The rest of the "side" stories were like all the parody crap films. Just jokes and nothing more (like mentioned above)

The only thing im worried about is they are a little bit older. The main guy was in a film I just watched, forgot what it was, but he was a side character and was pretty old. Im by no means saying they cant pull it off, but how will they work with this?

Also the namebrand is all but destroyed now. You have American Pie: the fifteenth film we did under this name and im sure your tired of it but we keep doing it. So who knows if this will gain enough interest to revive the franchise.

JL3511d ago

I think the franchise has been run into the ground far enough. I'm not sure I'd even be interested in another, even if they got the original cast back together.

-MD-3511d ago

Run into the ground? Are you talking about the direct to dvd movies? Nobody watched those anyways.

The main series with the original cast are all solid movies.

JL3510d ago

But the direct-to-DVD ones still run off the same premise and tie into the same world. For instance, American Pie: Band Camp. That follows Stifler's brother, has Eugene in it, mentions a few of the other previous characters.

I enjoyed the three "main" ones, but even after American Wedding there was this sense of "ok, we've seen it all. that's probably enough now".

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