Zack Snyder Won’t Look Back: ‘There’s Been No Other Superman Movies’

Hero Complex/LA Times says:

When Bryan Singer took moviegoers to Metropolis in the 2006 film ”Superman Returns,” he paid careful homage to the hero’s cinematic past. Don’t expect that approach from Zack Snyder, who on Wednesday shared his guiding principle: ”Respect the canon but don’t be a slave to the movies.”

Snyder’s version of the Man of Steel is scheduled to reach theaters in December 2012 with Henry Cavill in the title role and director said that this will be the first modern Superman feature that will truly break from Richard Donner’s landmark 1978 film, which shared its star, Christopher Reeve, with three sequels and then also deeply informed Singer’s 2006 film, which put Brandon Routh in the iconic blue tights but tapped into both style and story elements from the work of Donner and Reeve.

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Crazay3714d ago

I love what he's saying in this article. I think we're going to get back to the origins to some degree but hopefully that's just a really small part of the movie. This is my most anticipated movie for 2012.

JL3713d ago

No chance does this trump The Dark Knight Rises in terms of anticipation for me. Nothing does. But I am very eager to see how this turns out.

darklordzor3713d ago

I kind of agree with you there. While I'm looking forward to both of them a great deal, I would say my hype is greater for DKR.

darklordzor3714d ago

At this point, it's the best way to handle this movie. While I love the original series and how well 'Returns' paid homage to that, it's time for Superman to be reborn - so to speak. Much like how Batman Begins was a departure from the original Batman films, this new Superman could do the same thing. I'm very much looking forward to this film and their new take on the Man of Steel.

JL3713d ago

Agreed. To really make this good, it needs to be a for real reboot/rebirth, much like Nolan did with Batman. Sever all ties with the past and completely re-do it. That's the only way. Just a complete new take (re-imagining) on the franchise to give it a proper fresh start (er..restart).

Soldierone3713d ago

Can we please just look back a tiny bit and take Brandon Routh with us? haha

As for this, it needs to be done. I know some of the fans will be a bit upset, but the franchise was going no where and people dont like where was at. I dont agree with Superman being "darker" so I think he should make it more fantasy like, while at the same time making it realistic. I think what failed in Returns is they never made Clark seem like a normal person, it was always like he was trying to be Superman. Its not the acting fault, its the script.

So yeah I agree start over, but dont follow in Batmans footsteps. Superman isn't a dark character, and it wont work as well.

JL3713d ago

I agree on the dark part. That just doesn't fit Superman entirely. Though if they took it beyond Earth, I could maybe see it. But in general, no it doesn't need to be dark, especially not Batman dark.

It definitely needs to go "out there" though and set itself apart from other Superman movies and the rest of the Superman franchise. I think this is where Snyder's style comes in. That over-the-top fantasy visualization that only he can provide (which works well with a fantasy world and comic book style). I say don't even worry about realistic. Still give it a deep-seeded humanity to the movie, but doesn't have to focus on being ultra-realistic (like Batman was), let Snyder do what he does best with fantasy.

UnSelf3713d ago

gettin rid of routh was the dumbest mistake ever.

JL3713d ago

Eh, probably not. Don't get me wrong, I think Routh made an amazing Superman. But if they truly want to reboot this franchise and start anew, they had to distance themselves from the past Superman movies completely. Having Routh come back would've just made it seem like some sequel to Superman Returns.

So, yes I'd love to see Routh as Superman again, but this was probably a necessary evil.

UnSelf3713d ago

idk. reprising roles dont always mean sequels and so what if it was a sequel...cant a different director make a sequel?

routh looked rly good as a superman

JL3713d ago

9 times out of 10 that's what a reprising role means. Even if they were trying to reboot and recast him, the average movie-goer wouldn't realize that and would just see it as a follow up.

There's nothing necessarily wrong with a sequel, it's just not what the studio was aiming for. They wanted to just full-out reboot the franchise and make a fresh start. A fresh start means getting rid of all of the old. I wouldn't be surprised if you see them even abandon the old iconic Superman theme song (much like Nolan did with Batman Begins).

I will agree though, Routh was awesome as Superman. I'll never deny that at all. I very much would've liked to see him do the Superman role again. At the same time, though, I do understand Snyder and the studio's decision and motive though.

darklordzor3713d ago

I would have liked to have kept Routh as well, but as far as reboots go, they typically won't do that. WB made the decision because they were trying to distance themselves as much as possible from Superman Returns. While an actor could reprise a role in a reboot, it wasn't an option WB wanted to consider. They wanted nothing associated with the previous movies.

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newn4gguy3713d ago

Yes! I can't wait! Snyder is brilliant.

darklordzor3713d ago

@ Soldierone

Ha! I too would love to have Brandon Routh back in it, but I guess that was only a pipe dream.

You make a good point. Superman isn't designed to be a dark character. He has his moments, but overall he's a symbol of hope and all that is good in the world. I have high hopes for this one, and Snyder's comments are giving me the warm fuzzies!

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