Blackout Confirmed for Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

Coming Soon says:

Johnny Whitworth, who stars in this week's Limitless, has confirmed in an interview with AMC Theatres that he'll be playing Blackout in the upcoming Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.

Introduced into the Marvel Universe in the early '90s, Blackout was a thug for hire who, after being scorched by Ghost Rider's hellfire, gained demonic powers and sought vengeance against the antihero (at that time Daniel Ketch, brother to Johnny Blaze).

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darklordzor3514d ago enthusiasm. I just hated the first movie so much, that I can't get into this one at all. I know they're basically ignoring the first film and trying to start-over, but I still can't shake those memories. I won't waste my time in the theaters on this one...automatic rental for me.

Soldierone3514d ago

I cant even sit through it when its free.....lmao. It was on TV, I ended up turning it and forgetting it was on. I got the free thing off PSN, played like ten minutes and forgot to go back to it. And someone gave it to me on DVD (G thanks ;p ) and i just barely took the plastic off, then put in another movie haha.

darklordzor3514d ago

@ Soldierone

Oh I made the mistake of actually paying money to rent this, the first time I watched it. I truly felt jipped. I haven't even considered watching it since. Anytime I see it come up on my TV guide menu, I just keep flipping past it. :)