Shadowlocked - 10 Actors Who Got Dubbed Out Of Their Movies

Shadowlocked - A look back at all those ...erm...'memorable' actors who suffered at the hands of cinematic dubbers.

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darklordzor3507d ago

Wow, a whole bunch of older films on the list, but still an interesting concept. The David Prowse one is something that always cracks me up, because I've heard the footage of him voicing the lines of dialogue on the set, and it's so funny. Basically a Scottish Vader.

Not sure it should count though, since the always intended on re-dubbing the voice of Vader from the outset.

-MD-3505d ago

I watched Hercules in New York on tv once. It was so terrible it was hilarious.

Sound would cut out for like 20 seconds at a time. Man I'd be ashamed if I made that.

darklordzor3505d ago

@ M_D

I think they all were ashamed...Yeah, I couldn't believe how terrible that movie was. Not just the production quality (which was so laughable) but the frickin' story was just stupid, and the script made little sense.