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Mark Wahlberg on The Fighter 2: "We're Talking About One More Run At It"

The making of The Fighter is nearly as unlikely as the story of its hero, Micky Ward, the late-blooming scrapper who won a light-welterwight title after years of frustrated dreams. While directors and A-list co-stars bobbed and weaved, Mark Wahlberg kept the project on its feet for years, ultimately recruiting the right talent to land seven Academy Award nominations — including Christian Bale’s and Melissa Leo’s Oscar-winning performances — and earning $93 million (and counting) in domestic box office. With today’s release of The Fighter on DVD and Blu-ray, Wahlberg took time from the New Orleans set of his current film, Contraband, to look back at his most personal film. The savvy actor-producer has finally moved on to other projects: Seth MacFarlane’s Ted starts in May and another pairing with Fighter director David O. Russell that he hopes will be Uncharted is slated for late summer. But if you think the Micky Ward story is completely in Wahlberg’s rearview mirror, well, maybe you're a little punch-drunk.

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darklordzor3511d ago

Hmmm...not sold at all on this idea. Making a sequel to a biopic is kind of weird. I mean, all of the tension and drama from the first film wouldn't carry over that well. I think it should be left alone...I know Marky Mark wants to cling to a film he didn't suck in, but let's leave it be.

-MD-3511d ago

I personally want it to happen.

Soldierone3510d ago

It seems like its the first film that these guys struck gold with (except Bale) and suddenly they want to milk it for all its worth. There is nothing there for this. You could do a side story or something, but that requires a differnt main character.

Its easy to build drama and have a lot to fight for in a single movie like this. But like stated above how are you going to make that carry over? Reset him to zero and do it all over again? This isn't Rocky....