David Slade to Make a Sequel to Fox's Daredevil?

AICN says:

I liked Ben Affleck as Matt Murdock in the original Daredevil film from Fox. I was less enthused about Jennifer Garner's Elektra and Michael Clarke Duncan's Kingpin...and the overall theatrical cut which was brutalized by Fox management, and the director's cut DVD actually shows a far better effort with Daredevil - even if - casting decisions did cripple the film quite a bit, and some costume design issues - especially with Elektra were just woefully handled...

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Crazay3514d ago

I think Slade could take this to a darker more visceral tone. He also already proven himself with 30 Days of Night.

darklordzor3514d ago

Yay! I'm not entirely sold on the director (I think he could do it), but I really want another Daredevil movie. The first one wasn't as bad as many say, but it wasn't a great movie either. Daredevil could be as big of a property as Spider-Man, but it was just mishandled at first.

A new film with the things they've learned from their more recent comic book movies could be so epic!

Crazay3514d ago

Right - I just watched it recently and had no problems with it aside from changing the Ethnicity of KingPin.

darklordzor3514d ago

Yeah, it really wasn't as that bad. It has it's flaws (the fighting action is somewhat laughable now), but overall the story was pretty good and in keeping with the character.

I didn't care for Kingpin's change either, but I loved Colin Farrel in it!

darklordzor3513d ago

Well they've made mention that it will be a continuation of the Daredevil franchise, so not exactly a full reboot, but also not using any of the same actors...Think of it like the reboot/sequel they did with the Hulk franchise.

xVeZx3513d ago

if they are not using the same actors then i call that i one would call the incredible hulk with ed norton a sequel to hulk with eric bana

darklordzor3512d ago

Not saying that it's a sequel, but a continuation. They aren't totally ignoring what happened in the previous film, but they aren't sticking to it as canon either. It's an odd in between that they do sometimes.