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New Image Of Chris Evans In Costume From Captain America: The First Avenger

A new image of a beaten up fully costumed Chris Evans being held back by what appears to be a couple of HYDRA goons has found its way online.

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Crazay3705d ago

If you're having issues, instead of marking it as "fixed" email JL and ask for assistance. He's a good guy and more than happy to help.

darklordzor3705d ago

Good point, the mods around here are always very helpful.

nomats3705d ago

Thanks very much for the help.

darklordzor3705d ago

I guess I'm just not into this movie enough to be excited by every single little picture that comes out. The shot itself isn't that interesting. Evans looks as buff/manly as ever and it's Captain America. Give me a trailer and then I'll get excited.

barb_wire3704d ago

I'm not excited at all for this movie - I've looked at all the photos and on-set visits Marvel have released and nothing.. honestly, (for me) the cheese factor on this is through the roof.

Release a trailer already, let me see what Chris Evans looks and acts like in that ridiculous outfit. 'Cause right now, I'm not seeing it.

barb_wire3704d ago

OMG.. (IMO) that's awful. I'm actually speechless. Guess I'll wait for this movie to hit the $1 theaters or just wait for blu-ray.

darklordzor3704d ago

That first super bowl commercial isn't really a good look at the film. We need a full trailer to gage the cheese factor in the film. I'm more optimistic for this film than I was, but since I wasn't big into the Captain America comics to begin with, I can't say I was really looking forward to it either.