Top 10 Christian Bale Performances

Fresh off taking an Oscar home for his highly acclaimed supporting performance as Dicky Eklund in The Fighter, Christian Bale can finally savor the respect from his peers that many of us felt he was long overdue for.

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darklordzor3514d ago

Very glad to see Empire of the Sun on here...too many people tend to forget that was him in that movie, and it's by far the best child acting I've seen.

JL3513d ago

I'd have to be one of those that didn't realize he was in there.

Castor3513d ago

I agree. I'm still quite stunned how underrated that performance is when it's definitely up there among the best child performance in cinema's history.

darklordzor3513d ago

It was truly remarkable and one of the only times I didn't sit through and think it'd be better without the child actor. He did a phenomenal job in that movie, and based off that it's not shocking he grew up to do great things in film.

Christopher3513d ago

I couldn't finish The Machinist. I'm one of those people that empathize with what I see and hear visually and it just affected me way too much visually and I had to turn it off.

darklordzor3513d ago

That's a good point, I tend to do the same thing...which is why I can't watch anything involving the mentally handicapped. I get very sad and can't make it through.

-MD-3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

I wish I felt emotions that strong when I watched movies. I don't see what you couldn't watch in the Machinist though.

Christopher3513d ago

It was his physical issues. Seeing that he was practically just bone and skin brought them up.

It's not that I couldn't finish watching it, but I just didn't see the point.

The worst are slasher films, though. I've sat through a few Saw films, but parts of them made me physically cringe because of how I "felt" what was happening.

I get the same way when something horridly embarrassing is happening, though. You'll have those films that have a few moments of someone pretty much just disastrously failing at all things. They're supposed to be funny and more slapstick than anything else typically. For some reason, I cringe at them as they go on and tend to get a weird feeling that comes over me that makes me want to change the channel. There was even an I Love Lucy episode I watched once that made me feel this way.

It's not something I can easily explain other than having a heightened empathy towards such situations increased by a very overactive imagination. I'm one of those guys that can easily bring to mind a visual scene and make myself cry like a little baby from it. I'm a crap-tastic actor, but I can cry on demand because of it.

JL3513d ago

It didn't bother me at all and I watched it all the way through (a few times now). However, his performance in that movie is indeed unsettling.

darklordzor3513d ago

@ cgoodno

I am absolutely with you on those torture movies! I can't stand watching them, and they make me feel ill. Slasher flicks do nothing for me, and it's a subgenre I wish would have stayed in the 70s.