This Week on Netflix Instant: March 14-20

In this weekly feature, I’ll highlight all the movies that Netflix will be adding to their Instant Play service over the course of the week. This week’s releases include the John Travolta action movie From Paris With Love, Academy Award nominated documentary Waste Land, Disneynature’s Oceans, the Matt Damon/George Clooney movie Syriana and the Julia Roberts drama Eat Pray Love. There are also several new anime releases along with several new episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000 being added.

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Crazay3514d ago

Awww man - You guys get all the good stuff. I'd love to see those WWE vids.

JL3514d ago

Really? I didn't realize there were any other wrestling fans on here. Thought I was the only one lol. I will have to check those out though. Of course, the Wrestlemania one is only Part 1 of 3, so I might even consider getting the DVD so I can see it all.

Other than that, I might finally get around to watching some MST3K episodes. Just so I can see what cgoodno is obsessed about.

Oh, and Waste Land. I don't know why, but this year I've already watched more documentaries than I probably have in my entire life lol I don't even like documentaries really.

Crazay3514d ago

Ya I can't say that I'm a huge fan of WWE now, but WWF in the 80s, late 90s and early 2000s were epic. I just can't find myself caring about anyone anymore. They're lacking the skill and charisma that the Rock, Stone Cold, Mick Foley and Kurt Angle had. The Stone Cold "What?!?" campaign was hilarious. The Rock just dominated EVERYONE with his mic skills, Mick...well let's just say those guys don't grown on trees and Angle was a great adversary.

MST3K is entertaining and every now and then they drop some gems with their commentary.

As for Documentaries, I quite enjoy them. I haven't seen any of the Oscar nominated docs yet but I plan to.

JL3514d ago

WWE was definitely better back in the Attitude Era and prior, but even today I still watch it regularly. Matter of fact, as a former fan you might like to know that The Rock is actually back right now. He's been making appearances on RAW for the past month now. His mic work has been brilliant and very entertaining to watch. Even today you still have a few that are definitely worth watching. My biggest complaint is them being PG anymore, thus no real attitude, none of those brutal matches, etc. (or at least not often at all).

I'll check out some MST3K just to see.

As for documentaries, some I don't mind, but in general I just don't care for them. I've actually already seen two of the Oscar nominated ones though: Exit Through the Gift Shop and Restrepo. I've only seen several others since the beginning of this year including a couple older ones on Netflix.

One that I saw that I think should've been nominated was Catfish. I still don't understand why that one didn't get a nod. I really enjoyed it. I may check out Waste Land, but I do want to see Waiting for Superman.

Crazay3514d ago

I'd heard that the ROck was making a temporary return to the ring. I'll have to look for some of his promos on Youtube or something. The guy just spits out gold when he has a mic.

The PG thing sucks ass that could also be part of my problem. I think that the jumping of the shark for me was when Mae Young was "impregnated" by Mark Henry and she went into "Labor" and a mannequins hand or arm or whatever it was came out. BLECH!

JL3514d ago

lol Yea that was horrible (the Mae Young thing). Luckily, they don't seem to be doing any of that ridiculous type stuff anymore.

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darklordzor3514d ago

Definitely down for more Mystery Science Theater 3000, I love those shows. Oh and I used to be a big wrestling fan, back when it was WWF vs. WCW. Those were the good old days. Not so much now.

Christopher3514d ago

All of the MST3K movies are messed up this week. They point to different movies than what they're intended to play.

JL3514d ago

Yes I noticed that this morning too. I decided to give the show a try to see what the big deal was and went searching for a good episode to be my first. I ended up deciding on "I Accuse My Parents". Fire it up and start streaming and I end up getting "The Girl in the Gold Boots" (or something like that).

darklordzor3514d ago

Awww man, that sucks! Thanks so much for letting me know though, before I get too upset later.

Castor3514d ago

I keep wondering why Netflix adds all those completely unknown (and mostly terrible) movies instead of more popular release that people... you know, look forward to.

JL3514d ago

I wonder that too. When it comes down to it, I'm guessing it's all about licensing issues, but still it makes me wonder. Each week there's maybe one or two they'll add that I want to watch. Then a bunch of crap that's either crap or something I've never even heard of and doesn't sound interesting.

below @dark
Voting system would be cool.

darklordzor3514d ago

Damn straight a voting system would be cool. Wouldn't have to be anything big, but maybe a once a week thing where they have a list of 5 movies to vote on, and the winning one gets put on next.

JL3514d ago

The problem with that is that there would probably be a bit of a turnaround time for getting that fan-voted movie on.

The major issue with getting movies on Instant is licensing issues. Thus, they'd have to work out licensing after getting the winning vote.

And they couldn't do licensing before doing the poll, cause then I'd just be mad if I found out they got licensing/permission for all 5 of the movies, but only gave us the one that was voted on.

darklordzor3514d ago

@ Castor,
I know, I wonder that too sometimes. Although not all of them are bad, there are plenty of films I'd rather have on the Instant Watch. I keep thinking they need some sort of voting system, where members can vote on the movies they want on Instant Watch quicker.