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First Photos From Underworld: New Dawn

SuperHeroHype says:

Currently shooting in Vancouver, a first look at Underworld: New Dawn has hit in the form of behind-the-scenes photos, courtesy of Vancouver is Awesome.

Though Kate Beckinsale returns to the franchise for this fourth outing, the woman pictured in the stunt harness below is her stunt double, tackling an armed leap from the Simon Fraser University Library, apparently doubling as an Antigen corporate building.

Underworld: New Dawn is set for release on January 20, 2012 and is being directed by Mans Marlind and Bjorn Stein. Click on any of the photos below for lots more at the original article's author's, Susan Gittin's, Flickr page.

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Crazay3510d ago

NICE!!! I'm gonna need to get me the whole series on BluRay. It's been ages since I've seen them. Kate Beckinsale + Tight leather outfit + Vamp teeth and eyes = AWESOME!....And extra loads of laundry.

JL3510d ago

Agreed. I love Beckinsale. I'll definitely watch this one and it will be nice to have her back with the franchise.

Crazay3510d ago

Oh....Lookee who it is! Looks to me like the boss is trolling the site tonight. Behave kids. =P

Ya she's a damn fine looking woman.

darklordzor3509d ago

JL is always watching and is apparently hiding does no good!

JL3510d ago

lol I'm around a lot more than you probably know or actually see me.

But yes, she's definitely fine. In fact, she's probably the actress I find the sexiest/most gorgeous. On top of that, Underworld has just been a fun vampire franchise.

Anybody that likes this franchise, I recommend checking out Night Watch (and the sequel Day Watch as well) if you haven't. Not as centered on vampires, but still lies in that fantasy realm.

Crazay3510d ago

Oh I have no doubt about that good sir. I'm just warning the kids. ;)

Those are both really good movies but I wish they had a dubbed version because I lost some things in while staying on top of the subs.

JL3510d ago

Yea, that can be a problem for some when it comes to subtitles. I've gotten so used to watching movies with subtitles though (and read real fast) that it doesn't pose much of a problem for me. I did thoroughly enjoy both of them. I just wish he'd make the third one and finish the trilogy finally.

OSIRUSSS3510d ago

I thought Nightwatch had a dubbed version? But just to be clear Nightwatch the Russian made film which was awesome. Not Nightwatch the Ewan McGregor movie which was crappy at best.

JL3510d ago

Hmm maybe there is a dubbed version. Maybe I saw the dubbed version. I could've swore I remembered watching it with subtitles though (with the movie in Russian). I don't know, been a while.

But yes Osiruss, we're talking the awesome Russian movie by Timur Bekmambetov, not the Ewan McGregor movie.

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xVeZx3510d ago

they are still making these? and wow JL thats a lot of bubbles

Crazay3509d ago

He's the boss around these parts sir - His site his rules his global domination though I am looking to overthrow him from his throne. =P

darklordzor3509d ago

Good luck!

You know I one point I had all of you guys beat! Even JL had nothing on my accumulated points....Sadly I'm aging and can't keep up :(

outwar60103509d ago

awesome this is the best vamp franchise of all time

JL3509d ago

Hmm either I'm drawing a complete blank right now or there are only 3 actual vampire franchises. This, Blade and Twilight. Unless you want to count Buffy by adding the TV series (I won't). So yes...this would definitely be in the top 2 of those 3 lol.

Not to undermine this franchise, though. I think my comments have shown I enjoy this franchise and will definitely watch this installment here. In fact, I've even enjoyed this one as much as I did Blade. Maybe even slightly more if my crush on Beckinsale has a say lol.

Crazay3509d ago

There's also The Vampire Diaries, Angel, True Blood, that new series that also has the werewolves, Forever Knight...Fright Night had 2 movies, The Anne Rice series had 2 movies and presumably will get more....

JL3509d ago

I wasn't going to count TV series, but yea those two. Didn't realize there was a second Anne Rice movie though.

Still though, Underworld ranks above all those for me.

Crazay3509d ago (Edited 3509d ago )

Queen of the Damned was the second - Aww crap. last bubble.

JL3509d ago

Queen of the Damned?! Hmm didn't know that was Rice. That movie sucked. Of course I don't care for Rice's writing anyways. In a large part, I indirectly blame her for this travesty that is Twilight. Stupid sissified vampires.

OSIRUSSS3509d ago

I would suggest Vampire Hunter D as a good Vamp movie series, even though they are anime. The books are even more awesome.

JL3509d ago

I've never been able to get into any anime stuff. Just usually not my thing. Of course that's the more traditional type of anime (I guess). Maybe vampire stuff could be interesting.

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outwar60103509d ago

and vamp diaries is the best vamp/ supernatural tv series so far

darklordzor3509d ago

Yippee! I can't wait to see this movie. While not all of the Underworld movies were good (mostly the third one sucked, but we'll blame that on there being no Beckinsale) but I'm still into this series. Hopefully it doesn't suck completely but can make this franchise very relevant again.

JL3509d ago

I agree. The third wasn't as good in my opinion. And I do blame that on there being no Beckinsale. I'm really hoping for her return to make this good again.

Bibmiester3509d ago

kate beckinsale is hot..thats all that matters..

JL3509d ago

Well said lol It does help though that the movies have been enjoyable too.

darklordzor3509d ago

Well said, good sir. That is about all that needs to be said. She's the main reason I'll be in the theater!

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