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Secret URL Discovered in Super 8 Trailer

Reelz Channel says:

Remember that awesome trailer for J.J. Abrams' upcoming secretive project Super 8? The movie has been so under wraps that we don't even really know what it is about yet. Well, the investigative team at ReelzChannel found a clue hidden within the trailer for the summer flick.

A url is hidden in the camera lens in the trailer,, a website apart from the official website for the movie —

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Crazay3513d ago

I really don't know if I posted this right or if I even should but there was some talk about "Easter Eggs" last week when the trailer came out so I figured the community would wanna check this out.

xVeZx3513d ago

wasnt there a hidden website in the first teaser trailer for super 8 also?

JL3513d ago

Yea. That's kind of the thing with this movie: viral marketing. Part of that being hidden clues and whatnot in the trailers.

Soldierone3513d ago

I told you when it first released "anyone find hidden clues yet" cus I knew something was there lol. To be honest I semi picked this one up so I didnt really think much of it haha

darklordzor3513d ago

I can't decide if Abrams is a marketing genius, or a pain in the ass! I love his approach, and I love his movies, but it seems like there's a point where his marketing campaign needs to be more mainstream. I think that's what hurt him on Cloverfield as far as numbers go, because he stuck to the viral stuff for too long before amping up the commercials and stuff.

Although, the trailers for Super 8 have been way more successful with people, so it's possible the strategy is working for him this time around.

JL3513d ago

I can definitely understand what you mean. I was thinking about that too. I tend to lead more towards "pain in the ass" anymore. It's like: Ok, we get it. You're cool and mysterious and like viral marketing. Stop. Show us something worthwhile, not something that just has us hunting for clues.

If we use a joke as a metaphor, mainstream blockbuster movies typically give us the overview, then they give us the set up, leaving us wanting to hear the punchline so to speak. With Abrams, he just gives us the lead-in story and makes us have to search around for clues as to what the set-up might be.

The problem with all this viral stuff is it gets tiresome. I'm not growing interest in the movie. I'm simply growing interest in finding out where the viral marketing is going.

Soldierone3512d ago

I dunno I like it for these types of movies. It adds to the feeling of the movie. For example Cloverfield we all badly wanted to the monster, simply because of the marketing. This one has a magical feel to it, and thats how the marketing is. For all we know its ET2. We badly want to see what was in the train, what they were filming, etc...These clues will give us a glimpse of that, but not tell us and I like that.

Its like opening a present. All the stuff before opening the present is what makes it so fun.

And honestly he is a film maker, he is there to tell a story, to give us an experience. He isnt there to make money, and thats what should be on any TRUE film makers mind.

darklordzor3512d ago

@ Soldierone

Yeah you're right, it could very well be ET 2, or hell, I'm still holding out for a cloverfield prequel (believe me, I know how unlikely it is). I'm not saying that story shouldn't come first and foremost. Believe me, I totally understand that. But on the converse side of that, you need to make sure people SEE the story that you're telling. If you hide it too much, no one will see it.

What's the point of telling the greatest story ever if no one sees it?

It's the precarious balance that those in the film industry have to maintain. Unfortunately this results in plenty of big budget movies, designed only to pack theater seats, but on the other side we can still get story driven movies that make the money as well (look at Nolan's films).

Crazay3512d ago

That would be super awesome if it was ET 2 but I don't think we're lucky enough to get anything like that in our lifetime. I need to get me ET but the non-edited version. The one where he says penis breath and the friend licks his finger and pretends to stick it in the mothers bum.

darklordzor3512d ago

I honestly don't know that I'd even want a second ET. It might somehow bring down the classic-ness of the first one. I say we should leave it alone.

And I'm a little concerned about this non-edited one...and where you may have seen it :)

Crazay3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

AHAHHA - Aww come on you must remember those scenes. So many people kinda forgot about them and they look at me cockeyed then I show them this gem and they go "OH YA!!!"

Can't find the bum poke scene on Youtube tho.

JL3512d ago

I seriously doubt this is ET 2. From what I've seen there's going to be something of a horror element to this movie. Maybe not scary per se, but more like it's a monster movie, not a friendly alien movie. With the way that thing is trying to crash through the train car door. Then you have that scene where that guy is suddenly just yanked down that aisle in the store and he's screaming.