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Celluloid Zombie Review: Fair Game

CIA agent Valerie Plame finds her identity made public in the press after her husband, Joe Wilson, writes an article criticizing the Bush Administration’s policy toward WMDs in Iraq and the basis for going to war.

“When did the question move from ‘why are we going to war?’ to ‘who is this man’s wife?’.”

Not to be confused with the dreadful 1995 ‘thriller’ starring Cindy Crawford, although you could be mistaken for doing so given the weak title (Karl Rove is supposed to have referred to Plame as ‘fair game’) and the fact that this movie is being marketed as nothing more than a run-of-the-mill political pot-boiler, rather than the true-life account it alleges to be.

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darklordzor3706d ago

Interesting...Had not heard of this film before, but maybe it's worth a rental. Always looking for something new to watch.

Castor3706d ago

The Celluloid Zombie is in the house!

JL3706d ago

Told you I had been working on enticing some others over :)

CelluloidZombie3701d ago

Hey, Castor. Good to see you in here. I have indeed been enticed. :-)