The First Five Minutes Of Duncan Jone's Source Code Hit The Web

Duncan Jones, whose best known for his critically praised 2009 film Moon, is at it again with his all new film Source Code. The film stars Tobey Maguire look alike; Jake Gyllenhaal, and Michelle Monaghan.

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newn4gguy3508d ago

He looks nothing like Tobey Macguire.

JL3508d ago

Yea. They share some similar features that looks like they could be brothers at times, but never would I confuse one for the other. I don't know why the author would write "look alike". Beyond physical appearance though, the two do share some similarities (which is the reason many have compared the two over time).

On topic, I really want to see this one.

Tony131753508d ago

In the picture above I realize he doesn't really look like Tobey, but if you've seen him in some other movies like Brothers, they look very similar. Fans even wanted Jake to be Tobey's replacement for Spider-Man 4. Anyways, I see your point, they're not twins.

JL3508d ago

I get that they look similar. To the degree that they could be mistaken as brothers (in Brothers they do look that way), just I don't know how people ever get them mixed up (and they do).

As for wanting Gyllenhaal to replace Tobey, granted they look similar, but I think that also is chalked up to their other similarities. Their ability to play similar roles, being similar in personality, etc. Not just looks.

darklordzor3508d ago

They do have a lot of similarities, or I should say they DID. Tobey and Jake used to look very much a like, but I think they've really moved on from that, and the resemblance is fading.