H&T: The Next Three Days - Home Video Review

David Weaver from Home And Theater writes: Director Paul Haggis got a lot of acclaim for his feature film directorial debut and best picture winner Crash. With that clout he has since gone on to direct a few other films here and there while sticking to the writing side of things mostly. While it is true he was responsible for the screenplay for one of the best James Bond films of all time with Casino Royale, that remains his single achievement in the world of film thus far. Then you have the self-absorbed and increasingly dull Russell Crowe whom has made it a point to never play in a good film ever again. To say his best work came at the beginning of his career would be pretty spot on as he has done nothing of any consequence since Gladiator, which isn't even his best film, that accolade goes to L.A. Confidential. Then we have both Haggis and Crowe teaming up for what appears to be a fairly straight forward jailbreak movie which is a genre I myself am quite fond of. But wouldn't you know it, they couldn't even get a simple concept as that right and end up making all the wrong choices from casting to execution that turned this possibly fun idea into a laborious bore.

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