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Super is an irreverent and twisted comedy about an unattractive loser who decides to take his fight against evil to the next level. And if you think the next level is fashioning a ridiculous superhero costume out of red cloth and naming himself the Crimson Bolt, you’d be right. With a disturbing humor, graphic violence and comic book-esque animated sequences, Super puts the Ka-pow in action/comedies.

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-MD-3511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

9/10 is what I like to see.

"some people have compared it to Kick-Ass, but I think it exceeds Kick-Ass."

Those are fightin' words. Now I HAVE to see it.

darklordzor3509d ago

I wasn't too interested in this film before (honestly thought it was just going to be some Kick-Ass knock off), but after reading some of these reviews, I'm changing my mind. Need to check it out now.