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FilmMattic Movie Review: The Adjustment Bureau—In Need of An Adjustment

FilmMattic writes: George Nolfi's film; however, grand in scale, fails to thoroughly command my requisite suspension of disbelief because of its insufficient faithfulness to the complex narrative design. More needed to be said and a lot more needed to be done. This gaping lack of narrative totality, and subtle lack of cohesive 'adjustment,' is precisely why the film falls short of completely knocking my socks off.

The Adjustment Bureau is one mighty and ambitious film. For all its grandiose philosophical layers, the least ambitious element of the film—the sentimentally Shakespearean souvenir we call romance—is the single most invigorating, uniquely compelling aspect of the story. The plot is, at times, woefully impractical and logically implausible. However, damning these flaws may seem, the film succeeds as a testimonial for the power of love.

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